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Title: Analysis of Initial Undershoot in Step Response of Type-1 Nonminimum Phase Systems
Authors: Bose S.
Hote, Yogesh Vijay
Hanwate S.
Published in: Proceedings of 2019 IEEE Region 10 Symposium, TENSYMP 2019
Abstract: In this paper, the analysis of initial undershoot for the step response of Type -1 nonminimum phase systems is carried out. In view of this, a theorem is proposed which enables the identification of various system parameters on the magnitude of undershoot. This involves the use of Markov parameters of the system. The theorem is accompanied by the mathematical proof and validated using two practical situations. First, a DC motor is operated in the open-loop configuration, where the input signal is delayed by a certain amount of time. The presence of delay element incites nonminimum phase behaviour, and thus can lead to the presence of initial undershoot in the system's step response. The analysis showed how the motor's parameters and the delay time affects the undershoot in the angular displacement curve of the motor. Following this, the concept of initial undershoot is used to analyze the effect on the system frequency deviation. The problem adopted is a single area power system consisting of a hydro turbine (a nonminimum phase plant), where system frequency is perturbed by sudden load disturbances. The effect of this system's characteristic on the maximum initial frequency deviation of the electric power is analyzed. It aims at providing means to identify how a controller's parameters affect the change in frequency due to sudden load disturbances. © 2019 IEEE.
Citation: Proceedings of 2019 IEEE Region 10 Symposium, TENSYMP 2019, (2019), 28- 32
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Keywords: Delayed system
Initial undershoot
Load frequency control
Markov parameters
Nonminimum phase
Type-1 system
ISBN: 9.78173E+12
Author Scopus IDs: 57199375353
Author Affiliations: Bose, S., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Department of Electrical Engineering, Roorkee, India
Hote, Y.V., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Department of Electrical Engineering, Roorkee, India
Hanwate, S., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Department of Electrical Engineering, Roorkee, India
Funding Details: The authors extend their gratitude to the reviewers for their quality time invested in providing the reviews for the improvement of the paper. The work done in this paper was prepared in the Control Systems Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, which is funded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), Government of India.
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