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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Semantic Driven Automated Image Processing Using the Concept of ColorimetrySuresh M.; Jain K.; Thampi S.M.; James A.P.; Al-Jumeily D.
2018Pixel Based Supervised Classification of Hyperspectral Face Images for Face RecognitionShwetank; Neeraj; Jitendra; Vikesh; Jain K.; Singh S.; Asari V.K.; Patel R.B.; Sidike P.
2019Building facade and rooftop segmentation by normal estimation from UAV derived RGB point cloudKushwaha S.K.P.; Dayal K.R.; Singh A.; Jain K.; Grussenmeyer P.; Murtiyoso A.; Macher H.; Assi R.
2019Quantitative evaluation of panorama softwaresSharma S.K.; Jain K.; Suresh M.; Mozar S.; Kumar A.
2013Virtual 3D city modeling: Techniques and ApplicationsSingh S.P.; Jain K.; Mandla V.R.
2015Sub pixel level arrangement of spatial dependences to improve classification accuracyMerugu S.; Rai A.K.; Jain K.
2020A Multi-Temporal Landsat Data Analysis for Land-use/Land-cover Change in Haridwar Region using Remote Sensing TechniquesKumar S.; Shwetank; Jain K.; Thampi S.M.; Madria S.; Fernando X.; Doss R.; Mehta S.; Ciuonzo D.
2014Image based 3D city modeling: Comparative studySingh S.P.; Jain K.; Mandla V.R.; Remondino F.; Menna F.
2013Estimation of Terrestrial Water Storage change in the Bhagirathi Ganga and Vishnu Ganga basins using satellite gravimetryHaq M.A.; Jain K.; Shoab M.; Menon K.P.R.
2012Surface temperature estimation of gangotri glacier using thermal remote sensingHaq M.A.; Jain K.; Menon K.P.R.; Cho K.; Shimoda H.; Shortis M.