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dc.contributor.authorTyagi, Barjeev-
dc.contributor.authorSrivastava S.C.-
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of 2003 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, (2003), 560- 565. Toronto, Ont.-
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents the design of a fuzzy logic based controller for Automatic Generation Control (AGC) in a deregulated electricity environment. A general model of the integral controller has been developed for multi-area system having poolco, bilateral and mixed transactions employing fuzzy logic scheme for optimal tuning of integral gain. The Area Control Error (ACE) signal and rate of change of the Area Control Error (Che ACE) have been used as input to the fuzzy logic based controller. The functioning of the proposed fuzzy logic based controller has been demonstrated on a 75-bus Indian power system network and the results are compared with those obtained by using classical integral controller.-
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of 2003 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting-
dc.subjectAncillary services-
dc.subjectDeregulated market-
dc.subjectFuzzy logic controller-
dc.subjectLoad frequency control-
dc.titleA Fuzzy Logic Based Load Frequency Controller In a Competitive Electricity Environment-
dc.typeConference Paper-
dc.affiliationTyagi, B., Department of Electrical Engineering, H.B. Technological Institute, Kanpur, India-
dc.affiliationSrivastava, S.C., Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India-
dc.description.correspondingauthorTyagi, B.; Department of Electrical Engineering, H.B. Technological Institute, Kanpur, India; email:
dc.identifier.conferencedetails2003 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, Toronto, Ont., 13-17 July 2003-
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