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dc.contributor.authorPratim Roy, Partha-
dc.contributor.authorPal U.-
dc.contributor.authorLladós J.-
dc.contributor.authorKimura F.-
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of International Conference on Pattern Recognition, (2008). Tampa, FL-
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we present a scheme towards recognition of English character in multi-scale and multi-oriented environments. Graphical document such as map consists of text lines which appear in different orientation. Sometimes, characters in a single word may follow a curvi-linear way to annotate the graphical curve lines. For recognition of such multi-scale and multi-oriented characters a Support Vector Machine (SVM) based scheme is presented in this paper. The feature used here is invariant to character orientation. Circular ring and convex hull have been used along with angular information of the contour pixels of the character to make the feature rotation invariant. We tested our proposed scheme on two different datasets. Combining circular and convex hull feature we have obtained 96.73% and 99.56% accuracy in these two datasets. © 2008 IEEE.-
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of International Conference on Pattern Recognition-
dc.subjectCharacter orientation-
dc.subjectCircular ring-
dc.subjectConvex hull-
dc.subjectData sets-
dc.subjectRotation invariant-
dc.subjectText lines-
dc.subjectCharacter recognition-
dc.subjectComputational geometry-
dc.titleConvex hull based approach for multi-oriented character recognition from graphical documents-
dc.typeConference Paper-
dc.affiliationRoy, P.P., Computer Vision Center, Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona, 08193, Bellaterra, Spain-
dc.affiliationPal, U., Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata - 108, India-
dc.affiliationLladós, J., Computer Vision Center, Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona, 08193, Bellaterra, Spain-
dc.affiliationKimura, F., Graduate School of Engineering, Mie University, 1577 Kurimamachiya, Mie 514-8504, Japan-
dc.description.correspondingauthorRoy, P. P.; Computer Vision Center, Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona, 08193, Bellaterra, Spain; email:
dc.identifier.conferencedetails2008 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2008, Tampa, FL, 8-11 December 2008-
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