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Title: Urban India: Challenges for green infrastructure
Authors: Mukherjee M.
Published in: Proceedings of CESB 2013 PRAGUE - Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building 2013: Sustainable Building and Refurbishment for Next Generations
Abstract: Cities and towns in India are centres for economic activities, investments, technologies, livelihoods and innovations. Skill, capital and knowledge are readily available in urban areas than rural India. Continuous migration alongwith natural growth of population adds pressure on urbanization. Vertical city with green infrastructure (GI) is the image of urban aspiration for India's cities and towns now. Examples for GI are rapid rail transit, urban forestry, water bodies etc. They bring benefits to urban environment and thus offer better urban experience. GIs can be categorized in several systems with set of functions under each of them. Policies and strategies for development and implementation of these GI are evolving with time to accommodate citizens' aspirations. There are certain implementation issues which require redressal from various urban authorities who develop or maintain GIs. Multiple approving authorities, disparity in resource sharing within same city and among different cities, affordability of users, short-term solution inviting/triggering problems in longer time frame, objective performance appraisal, maintaining standard of facilities and quality are some such problems in general and with specific reference to Indian cities. Efforts and challenges faced by different Indian cities and framework to evaluate GI is the focus of this article.
Citation: Proceedings of CESB 2013 PRAGUE - Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building 2013: Sustainable Building and Refurbishment for Next Generations, (2013), 947- 950. Prague
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Czech Technical University in Prague
Keywords: Green infrastructure
Greener evaluation
Urban development
Intelligent buildings
Population statistics
Rural areas
Sustainable development
Urban growth
Economic activities
Green infrastructure
Greener evaluation
Performance appraisal
Short-term solutions
Urban development
Urban environments
ISBN: 9788024750187
Author Scopus IDs: 51562291900
Author Affiliations: Mukherjee, M., Department of Architecture and Planning, IIT Roorkee, India
Corresponding Author: Mukherjee, M.; Department of Architecture and Planning, IIT RoorkeeIndia; email:
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