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Title: Relationship between SCS-CN and Sediment Yield
Authors: Gajbhiye Sarita
Mishra S.K.
Pandey Ashish
Published in: Applied Water Science
Abstract: Accurate estimation of runoff and sediment yield amount is not only an important task in physiographic but also important for proper watershed management. This paper proposes a seasonal relationship between Soil Conservation Services, runoff curve number (CN) and sediment yield (SY). Short-term sediment yield value of duration range from 1 to 30 day was correlated with the runoff CN derived for the respective duration from observed rainfall–runoff data. It is derived empirically from short-term (10 years) daily rainfall–runoff data of the Shakkar watershed of Narmada Basin falling in Madhya Pradesh (India). The resulting coefficient of determination (R2) values range (0.76–0.79) strongly support the versatility of the derived relationship and invokes determination of SY from the available National Engineering Handbook (NEH-4) CN values.
Citation: Applied Water Science (2013), (): 1-6
Issue Date: 2013
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