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Title: Oscillation free altered duration UH derivation using nondimensi onal approach
Authors: Patil P.R.
Mishra S.K.
Sharma Nayan
Published in: Perspectives in Science
Abstract: The conventional oscillatory S-curve causing fluctuating/negative tail end ordinates of altered duration unit hydrograph (UH) cannot be ignored or left unadjusted. Suggested nondimensional UH approach executes oscillations smoothing precisely employs peak and time to peak of desired altered duration UH for its fitting-derived analytically using S-shaped model reproducing smooth S-curve. Analytical S-curve is found to be superior to the conventional. Overall, the intricacy linked with the lagging of S-curve, interpolation-if altered UH duration is not a multiple of parent UH duration, cumbersome and time consuming manual/visual reshaping S-curve or altered duration UH and also for sustaining UH volume to unity has been obviated.
Citation: Perspectives in Science (2016), 8(): 686-688
Issue Date: 2016
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