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Title: Thermal comfort analysis of Indian subjects in multi-storeyed apartments: An adaptive approach in composite climate
Authors: Singh S.
Chani, Prabhjot Singh
Published in: Indoor and Built Environment
Abstract: This paper investigated the effects of gender, age, seasonal differences and exposure of occupants to heat absorbed in the roof, on their thermal responses in naturally ventilated apartments. A simple linear regression was conducted to estimate the comfort temperatures and comfort range of the surveyed subjects. A year-round study, involving over 55 apartments and 71 subjects, had collated a data-set of 852 in total. The findings revealed that females are more sensitive to the environmental changes as compared to the male subjects, although both categories have shown a negligible difference in the neutral temperatures. Similarly, the elderly were found to have a narrow comfort range and high thermal sensitivity. The slope of the regression (indicating the thermal sensitivity) was observed to be higher in the summer (0.23/?) and monsoon period (0.31/?) and lower in the winter period (0.15/?). The exposure to temperature near the roof was shown to have exhibited some significant impact on the thermal perception of occupants. © The Author(s) 2017.
Citation: Indoor and Built Environment(2018), 27(9): 1216-1246
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
Keywords: Adaptive comfort
Composite climate
Naturally ventilated apartments
North India
Thermal neutrality
ISSN: 1420326X
Author Scopus IDs: 57214305174
Author Affiliations: Singh, S., Central Building Research Institute (CSIR-CBRI), Roorkee, India
Chani, P.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India
Corresponding Author: Singh, S.; Central Building Research Institute (CSIR-CBRI)India; email:
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