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Title: NMR-Based Metabolomic Approach to Elucidate the Differential Cellular Responses during Mitigation of Arsenic(III, V) in a Green Microalga
Authors: Arora N.
Dubey D.
Sharma M.
Patel A.
Guleria A.
Pruthi P.A.
Kumar D.
Pruthi V.
Poluri, Krishna Mohan
Published in: ACS Omega
Abstract: Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)-based metabolomic approach is a high-throughput fingerprinting technique that allows a rapid snapshot of metabolites without any prior knowledge of the organism. To demonstrate the applicability of NMR-based metabolomics in the field of microalgal-based bioremediation, novel freshwater microalga Scenedesmus sp. IITRIND2 that showed hypertolerance to As(III, V) was chosen for evaluating the metabolic perturbations during arsenic stress in both its oxidation states As(III) and As(V). Using NMR spectroscopy, we were able to identify and quantify an array of ?45 metabolites, including amino acids, sugars, organic acids, phosphagens, osmolytes, nucleotides, etc. The NMR metabolomic experiments were complemented with various biophysical techniques to establish that the microalga tolerated the arsenic stress using a complex interplay of metabolites. The two different arsenic states distinctly influenced the microalgal cellular mechanisms due to their altered physicochemical properties. Eighteen differentially identified metabolites related to bioremediation of arsenic were then correlated to the major metabolic pathways to delineate the variable stress responses of microalga in the presence of As(III, V). © 2018 American Chemical Society.
Citation: ACS Omega(2018), 3(9): 11847-11856
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: American Chemical Society
ISSN: 24701343
Author Scopus IDs: 56800005300
Author Affiliations: Arora, N., Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, India
Dubey, D., Centre of Biomedical Research, SGPGIMS, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226014, India
Sharma, M., Department of Biotechnology, India
Funding Details: *E-mail: (D.K.). *E-mail: (V.P.). *E-mail:, Phone: +91-1332-284779. Fax: +91-1332-286151 (K.M.P.). ORCID Anupam Guleria: 0000-0002-4158-2241 Dinesh Kumar: 0000-0001-8079-6739
Corresponding Author: Kumar, D.; Centre of Biomedical Research, SGPGIMSIndia; email:
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