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Title: Coherent control in room-temperature quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers using shaped pulses
Authors: Karni O.
Mishra A.K.
Eisenstein G.
Ivanov V.
Reithmaier J. P.
Published in: Optica
Abstract: We show that the long sought utilization of quantum mechanical phenomena for practical purposes is feasible by demonstrating the ability to control quantum coherent Rabi oscillations in a room-temperature quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) with shaped light pulses. The experiments, confirmed by a comprehensive numerical calculation, reveal that linearly chirped ultrashort pulses, interacting coherently upon propagation with the short wavelength slope of the SOA gain spectrum, may enhance or suppress (depending on the chirp) the induced Rabi oscillations. This opens the door for many other experiments, inspired by fundamental quantum science, performed on practical platforms, that will turn quantum mechanical effects into applications.
Citation: Optica (2016), 3(): 570-576
Issue Date: 2016
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