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Title: XPM-induced modulation instability in silicon-on-insulator nano-waveguides and the impact of nonlinear losses
Authors: Chaturvedi D.
Kumar A.
Mishra A.K.
Published in: Journal of Optics 20 (07), 075502 (2018).
Abstract: We have carried out an extensive theoretical study of cross-phase modulation induced modulation instability (MI) in a silicon-on-insulator nano-waveguide for two co-propagating waves. The analysis has been performed for two sets (with zero and varying non-zero walk-off parameter) of three different cases: when the two waves are in (i) normal dispersion regime, (ii) anomalous dispersion regime, and (iii) different dispersion regimes. In particularly, we have discussed the nonlinear losses due to two-photon absorption and free-carrier absorption. Further, we have investigated the impact of the walk-off parameter on the MI gain spectrum in the above three cases.
Citation: Journal of Optics (2018) 075502 20 (07)
Issue Date: 2018
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