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dc.contributor.authorShalini Singh-
dc.contributor.authorDutt Dharm-
dc.contributor.authorTyagi C.H.-
dc.identifier.citationOpen Access Scientific Reports (2013), 2(1): 1-6-
dc.description.abstractThe current study aimed at screening indigenously isolated white rot fungi strains for xylanase production, for potential application in pulp biobleaching. White rot fungi have effective hemicellulase systems. Still, only a few studies have been made on their hemicellulases. 14 white rot basidiomycetous strains were isolated, and were found to exhibit variable xylanase activity, as indicated by the zone of clearance on wheat bran agar medium. Out of the 14 xylanase positive isolates, seven showing zone of clearance greater than equal to 2 cms, were subjected to fermentation under SSF and LSF, so as to determine their actual enzyme activities. Isolate C and E showed the highest xylanase activity (697 IU/mL, (131.25 IU/mL, respectively), followed by D (94 IU/mL)>B (80.41 IU/mL)>F (54.89 IU/mL)>G (17.90 IU/mL) >A (4.51 IU/mL), after incubation period of 7 days. All the 7 test isolates were found to produce laccases and minimal amount of cellulases. Solid State Fermentation (SSF) reported much better xylanase production, as compared to Liquid State Fermentation (LSF), indicating that SSF was the preferred mode of cultivation for the test isolates. Wheat bran agar medium was found to be the most suitable for the growth of the two best xylanase producers. The results indicated that the isolates showing good xylanase activity, with poor cellulase activity can very well be used in pulp biobleaching. The production of laccases by the test isolates also is preferable, as it further enhances the applicability of the isolates in pulp biobleaching.-
dc.relation.ispartofOpen Access Scientific Reports-
dc.titleScreening of xylanases from indigenously isolated white rot fungal strains for possible application in pulp biobleaching-
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