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Title: Functional corrugated board with organic and inorganic materials in food packaging application: A Review
Authors: Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.
Singh Suman
Youn Suk Lee
Published in: Journal of Packaging Science and Technology
Abstract: Corrugated board provides packaging for most diverse industries with a share of over 50%, due to the numerous advantages they offer a good protection of the products. In other hand corrugated board fails in environmental conditions, indicating that relative humidity or temperature is higher. These effects directly damage the product packaged. To overcome on this problem recently corrugated boards produced with functional material, “functional corrugated boards,” have become more available in the current market. A number of commercialized forms of functional material are coated or composited products with inorganic materials, for example “Nano clay” as representative. However, although the use of functional materials is increasing in corrugated boards, the several concerns such as over cost, environmental friendly materials, recycling, and toxicity affect consumer perceptions and acceptance. In the past, number of researcher focused on process of box compression and the utility of box compression testing etc., best of our knowledge there is no review paper which focus on the functional corrugated boards used in food packaging applications. This paper aims to review the availability of functional corrugated boards in the current market, past research studies on functional material and present the current status of functional corrugated boards in leading countries.
Citation: Journal of Packaging Science and Technology (2016), 22(3): 49-58
Issue Date: 2016
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