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Title: Ethylene scavengers for active packaging of fresh produce.
Authors: Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.
Singh Suman
Negi Yuvraj Singh
Published in: Environmental Chemistry Letters
Abstract: Many fruits and vegetables are sensitive to ethylene, which upon prolonged exposure induces the deterioration of food quality, such as change in taste, odour and colour, or microbial growth. Therefore, ethylene scavengers in packages can be used to limit ethylene accumulation. Ethylene scavengers extend the shelf life and retain the original food quality. Here, we review ethylene scavenging systems such as potassium carbonate, palladium, natural clays, titanium dioxide-based, electron-deficient dienes and trienes. Ethylene scavenging is done by chemical reactions and physical adsorption. We then discuss the applications and benefits of ethylene scavengers in packages. The efficiency of ethylene scavengers is improved using atmospheric packaging tools.
Citation: Environmental Chemistry Letters (2019), 18(): 269-284
Issue Date: 2019
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