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Title: Current scenario of gas scavenging systems used in active packaging – A review
Authors: Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.
Youn Suk Lee
Published in: Journal of Packaging Science and Technology
Abstract: Due to the rise of customer’s alertness about fresh foods to health, in the past few years, the consumption of fresh food has increased sturdily. The use of gas scavengers is the most appropriate packaging technologies for fresh, fresh-cut produces and in ready to eat products. The gas absorber/scavenger has ability to protect or stabilize the wanted properties and shelf life of food. The success of gas absorbers in food depends on many parameters such as types of foods, storage temperature, relative humidity, initial gas concentration, and the characteristics of package materials. In this review article, we focus on the most recent research trends in gas scavenging systems used in food packaging, future trends. Intense research from industry and engineers remains important to the development of gas scavenging package that fulfill consumer requirements, enhance product quality, and offer environmentally friendly design and cost-effective application.
Citation: Journal of Packaging Science and Technology (2017), 23(2): 109-117
Issue Date: 2017
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