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Title: Assessment of Metal Accumulation in the Vegetables and Associated Health Risk in the Upper-Most Ganga-Yamuna Doab Region, India
Authors: D. Kumar
V. K. Gaurav
C. Sharma
Published in: American Journal of Plant Sciences
Abstract: The present study indicates the status of metal contamination in the vegetables/crops grown in the upper most Ganga-Yamuna doab region of India and associated health risk. Commonly grown vegetables and crops were sampled and analyzed for the metal contamination. Maximum concentration (mg/kg) of Cd and Cr, was observed in Radish (7.6) and Cabbage (56.24) respectively, whereas maximum concentration of Pb, Ni and Zn was observed in the edible parts of Mustard plant (95.4, 58.6, 756.43 respectively). Bio-concentration factor (BCF) value indicated the transfer level of metal from soil to crop; indicated high transfer value of Cd in Radish followed by cabbage and spinach. Considerably high BCF value was observed in the Mustard (8.13), Cabbage (4.18) and radish (3.07) for Zn contamination. Estimated daily intake (EDI) and Hazard quotient (HQ) or Non-carcinogenic health risk was calculated using the USEPA method. The result revealed that the metal intake and associated health risk were considerably high in the children population in comparison to the adult population.
Citation: American Journal of Plant Sciences (2018), 9(12): 2347-2358
Issue Date: 2018
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