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Title: A new pyrogallol coated oxygen scavenging film and their effect on oxidative stability of soybean oil under different storage conditions
Authors: Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.
Singh Suman
Youn Suk Lee
Published in: Food Science and Biotechnology
Abstract: The current study investigates the oxidative stability of soybean oil packaged with an oxygen scavenging film prepared by pyrogallol coating with concentrations of 5, 10, and 20% at 5, 23, and 60 °C and 95 ± 2% RH respectively. The oil stability was evaluated in terms of peroxide, thiobarbituric acid, and p-anisidine then compared with oil packed without the oxygen scavenging film. The results showed that the LDPE/PG 10 and 20% were efficient in the stabilization of soybean oil, even at high temperature. Peroxide, Thiobarbituric acid, and p-anisidine values, the oil samples packed with LDPE/PG films delayed the oil oxidation. The synergetic effect of LDPE/PG films, which can scavenge oxygen from the packaged product thereby slowing the oxidation of fats, was established in the study. The present study confirmed that active packaging could be introduced as a worthy replacement for direct addition of artificial antioxidants to the soybean oil.
Citation: Food Science and Biotechnology (2017), 26(6): 1535-1543
Issue Date: 2017
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