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Title: Novel production method for in-situ hydrophobization of a microfibrillated cellulose network
Authors: Rastogi V.
Samyn P.
Published in: Materials Letters
Abstract: The use of microfibrillated cellulose is mainly constraint by its hydrophilic character, and there is an urgent search for sustainable alternatives towards hydrophobic surface modification. Here, we present a production technique where cellulose fibers are modified by an in-situ reaction with styrene maleic anhydride, ammonium hydroxide and plant wax under aqueous environment. After imidization, the cellulose fibers were fibrillated along with partial coverage of the surface by styrene maleimide nanoparticles and incorporation of wax, resulting in the formation of a stable and hydrophobic micro-porous fiber network.
Citation: Materials Letters (2014), 120(): 196-199
Issue Date: 2014
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