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Title: Natural Ventilation in a Model Room
Authors: Subudhi, Sudhakar
Sreenivas K.R.
Arakeri J.H.
Published in: Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications
Abstract: Natural ventilation of a model room with water as the fluid medium is studied. It is insulated by air gaps on the four sides and at the top. A constant heat flux has been maintained on the bottom surface of the room. This room is surrounded by a large exterior tank containing water. There are three openings each on two opposing sides of the model room. For any experiment, only one opening on each side is kept open. Fluid enters or leaves these openings and the flow is driven entirely by buoyancy forces. Shadowgraph technique is used for visualization. The buoyancy causes flow to enter through the bottom opening and leaves through the top opening. At the openings, buoyant jets are observed and which have higher or lower relative density compared with that of its environment. The buoyant jet at the inlet interacts with the plumes on the heated bottom plate. From these visualizations, it appears that free convection at bottom plate will be affected by the buoyant jets at the openings and the degree to which it is affected depends on the position and size of openings and distance between inlet and outlet. The flow rate due to the natural ventilation depends on the bottom surface heat flux and the height difference between the openings. The temperatures of the floor, the interior and the exterior are calculated using a simple mathematical model. The values of temperatures obtained in the experiments are reasonably well predicted by the mathematical model. © 2012 American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Citation: Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications (2012), 4(1): -
Issue Date: 2012
Keywords: Free convection
ISSN: 19485085
Author Scopus IDs: 54407504100
Author Affiliations: Subudhi, S., Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kozhikode 673601, India
Sreenivas, K.R., Engineering Mechanics Unit, JNCASR, Bangalore 560064, India
Arakeri, J.H., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India
Corresponding Author: Subudhi, S.; Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kozhikode 673601, India; email:
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