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Title: Columnaris disease and its drug resistance in cultured exotic african catfish Clarias gariepinus in India
Authors: Kumar D.
Prasad Y.
Singh A.K.
Ansari A.
Published in: Biochemical and Cellular Archives
Abstract: Columnaris disease is a bacterial disease of fin fishes caused by the gram-negative bacillus bacterium Flavobacterium columnare which infects fish under stressful conditions and causing high mortality. In this study we have attempted to identify the possible infection of F. columnare bacterium in African catfish Clarias gariepinus cultured in ponds and tanks. The major objective of this study was to isolate and characterize F. columnare bacterium from cultured African catfish C. gariepinus and to find out the antibiotics resistance activity of this bacterium. For identifying the isolated bacterium (F. columnare) selected biochemical tests were performed and it was also compared with standard ATCC 51823 strain. Physicochemical tolerance tests revealed optimum growth at 25 (±2) oC, pH 7-10 and salinity <0.5%. It showed multiple drug resistance (MDR) against 29 out of 37 antibiotics. The investigation indicated that C. gariepinus culture ponds are loaded with variety of fish pathogenic MDR bacteria and F. columnare is one of them.
Citation: Biochemical and Cellular Archives (2012), 12(2): 415-420
Issue Date: 2012
Keywords: Antibiotic
Clarias gariepinus
Flavobacterium columnare
Multiple drug resistance
ISSN: 9725075
Author Scopus IDs: 57202478211
Author Affiliations: Kumar, D., National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow-226 002, India
Prasad, Y., Department of Animal Science, M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly - 243 002, India
Singh, A.K., National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow-226 002, India
Ansari, A., National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow-226 002, India
Corresponding Author: Singh, A.K.; National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow-226 002, India; email:
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