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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effect of the presence of partially sulfonated polyaniline on the proton and methanol transport behavior of partially sulfonated PVdF membraneDutta K.; Das S.; Kundu P.P.
2019Effect of size and charge asymmetry on aggregation kinetics of oppositely charged nanoparticlesSingh K.; Raghav A.; Jha P.K.; Satapathi S.
2019Non-Newtonian power-law fluid’s thermal characteristics across periodic array of circular cylindersPravesh R.; Dhiman A.; Bharti R.P.
2020Synthesis of zinc/ferrocyanide nano-composite catalysts having a high activity for transesterification reactionKumar P.; Matoh L.; Srivastava V.C.; Štangar U.L.
2014Catalytic cracking of C2-C3 carbonyls with vacuum gas oilNaik D.V.; Kumar V.; Prasad B.; Behera B.; Atheya N.; Adhikari D.K.; Nigam K.D.P.; Garg M.O.
2014Strong larvicidal potential of Artemisia annua leaf extract against malaria (Anopheles stephensi Liston) and dengue (Aedes aegypti L.) vectors and bioassay-driven isolation of the marker compoundsSharma G.; Kapoor H.; Chopra M.; Kumar K.; Agrawal V.
2017Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate by transesterification reaction using ceria-zinc oxide catalysts prepared with different chelating agentsKumar P.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2016Jatropha curcas phytotomy and applications: Development as a potential biofuel plant through biotechnological advancementsKumar P.; Srivastava V.C.; Jha M.K.
2010Treatment of dairy wastewater by inorganic coagulants: Parametric and disposal studiesKushwaha J.P.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Mall I.D.
2013Study on the mechanism of azotobacter chrococum MTCC 446 after degradation of phenol and cyanideMondal S.; Balomajumder C.