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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Advances in electrocatalyst for ethanol electro-oxidation. In “Nanomaterials for Alcohol Fuel Cells”. Inamuddin, TA Rangreez, F Sen, AM Asiri (Editors).Chauhan R; Srivastava V.C.
2019Pyrolysis kinetic study of waste milk packets using thermogravimetric analysis and product characterizationSingh G.; Varma A.K.; Almas S.; Jana A.; Mondal, Prasenjit; Seay J.
2019Simultaneous removal of arsenic and fluoride from synthetic solution through continuous electrocoagulation: Operating cost and sludge utilizationThakur L.S.; Goyal H.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2019Treatment of biodigester effluent through EC followed by MFC: Pollutants removal and energy perspectiveShankar R.; Varma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit; Chand S.
2019Pyrolysis of wood sawdust: Effects of process parameters on products yield and characterization of productsVarma A.K.; Thakur L.S.; Shankar R.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2019Elimination of fluoride, arsenic, and nitrate from water through adsorption onto nano-adsorbent: A reviewPatel R.K.; Kumar S.; Chawla A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit; Neelam; Teychene B.; Pandey J.K.
2019Evaluation of volumetric mass transfer coefficient in a stirred tank bioreactor using response surface methodologyLone S.R.; Kumar, Vimal; Seay J.R.; Englert D.L.; Hwang H.T.
2019Synergistic Influence of pH and Temperature on Rheological Behavior of Adhesive Emulsions Stabilized with Micelle Dispersion of an Anionic SurfactantKundu P.; Kumar, Vimal; Scales P.J.; Mishra I.M.
2019Turbulent statistics of flow fields using large eddy simulations in batch high shear mixersVikash; Kumar, Vimal
2019Experimental study on flow and rheological behavior of oil-in-water emulsions in unconsolidated porous media: Effect of particle size and phase volume fractionsKundu P.; Kumar, Vimal; Mishra I.M.