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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of size and charge asymmetry on aggregation kinetics of oppositely charged nanoparticlesSingh K.; Raghav A.; Jha P.K.; Satapathi S.
2019Non-Newtonian power-law fluid’s thermal characteristics across periodic array of circular cylindersPravesh R.; Dhiman A.; Bharti R.P.
2019A Mussel Mimetic, Bioadhesive, Antimicrobial Patch Based on Dopamine-Modified Bacterial Cellulose/rGO/Ag NPs: A Green Approach toward Wound-Healing ApplicationsKhamrai M.; Banerjee S.L.; Paul S.; Ghosh A.K.; Sarkar P.; Kundu P.P.
2019Application of response surface methodology for the optimization of Ni2+ ions biosorption from aqueous solution using Sargassum filipendulaVerma A.; Kumar S.; Balomajumder C.
2019Production of syngas from carbon dioxide reforming of methane by using LaNi x Fe 1?x O 3 perovskite type catalystsYadav P.K.; Das T.
2019Removal of toxic hydroquinone: Comparative studies on use of iron impregnated granular activated carbon as an adsorbent and catalystTyagi A.; Das S.; Srivastava V.C.
2019Polyhydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate copolymer modified graphite oxide based 3D scaffold for tissue engineering applicationPramanik N.; Bhattacharya S.; Rath T.; De J.; Adhikary A.; Basu R.K.; Kundu P.P.
2019Treatment of greywater using waste biomass derived activated carbons and integrated sand columnPatel P.; Mondal P.
2019Catalytic peroxidation of acrylonitrile aqueous solution by Ni-doped CeO2 catalysts: characterization, kinetics and thermodynamicsKumar A.; Prasad B.
2019Ce/Al 2 O 3 as an efficient catalyst for oxidative desulfurization of liquid fuelJatav Shweta; Srivastava V.C.