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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Synthesis and characterization of ZnO-MgO nanocomposite by co-precipitation method.Das S.; Srivastava V.C.
2016Production of bio-oil from algal biomass and its upgradation to biodiesel using CaO-based heterogeneous catalystsMalpani M.; Varma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2016Techno-economic evaluation of simultaneous arsenic and fluoride removal from synthetic groundwater by electrocoagulation process: optimization through response surface methodologyThakur L.S.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2016Competitive adsorption between arsenic and fluoride from binary mixture on chemically treated lateriteRathore V.K.; Dohare D.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2016Physicochemical characterization and pyrolysis kinetics of wood sawdustVarma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2016Physicochemical characterization and kinetic study of pine needle for pyrolysis processVarma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2016Simultaneous treatment and energy production from PIW using electro coagulation & microbial fuel cellShankar R.; Varma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit; Chand S.
2016Physicochemical Characterization and Pyrolysis Kinetic Study of Sugarcane Bagasse Using Thermogravimetric AnalysisVarma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2016Removal of Pb(II) and Cr(VI) by laterite soil from synthetic waste water: single and bi-component adsorption approachMitra S.; Thakur L.S.; Rathore V.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2016Numerical simulation and analysis of fluid flow hydrodynamics through a structured array of circular cylinders forming porous mediumKundu P.; Kumar, Vimal; Hoarau Y.; Mishra I.M.