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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comparative study on cross-buoyancy mixed convection around expanded and tapered trapezoidal bluff bodiesVerma V.K.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2015Confined flow and heat transfer phenomena of non-newtonian shear-thinning fluids across a pair of tandem triangular bluff bodiesAgarwal R.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2016Fluid flow and heat transfer around a confined semi-circular cylinder: Onset of vortex shedding and effects of Reynolds and Prandtl numbersKumar A.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar; Baranyi L.
2018Cross-buoyancy mixed convection from a heated cylinder placed asymmetrically in a channelDhiman, Amit Kumar; Gupta R.; Baranyi L.
2016Time-periodic non-Newtonian power-law flow across a triangular prismAgarwal R.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2019Pulsatile flow and heat transfer of shear-thinning power-law fluids over a confined semi-circular cylinderSrivastava A.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2015Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena Across a Confined Semicircular Bluff Body at Low Reynolds NumbersKumar A.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2019Hydrodynamic and thermal study of a trapezoidal cylinder placed in shear-thinning and shear-thickening non-Newtonian liquid flowsDhiman, Amit Kumar; Ghosh R.; Baranyi L.
2020Shear-induced viscosity stratified flow past a pair of heated side-by-side square cylinders in a confined domainSanyal A.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2015Laminar momentum and heat transfer in a channel with a built-in tapered trapezoidal bluff bodyDhiman, Amit Kumar; Verma S.; Ghosh R.