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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effect of process parameters on circulating fluidized bed coal gasification using 3D full-loop CFD simulationSharma V.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2020Experimental evaluation of ball bearing performance using nanoflake-blended greasesBhardwaj V.; Pandey R.K.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2016Biomass gasification in a fluidized bed reactor: Hydrodynamics and heat transfer studiesKumar U.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2010Performance study of pervaporation reactor (PVR) for esterification of acetic acid with ethanolWasewar K.L.; Patidar S.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar; Rathod A.; Sonawane S.S.; Agarwal R.V.; Uslu H.; Inci I.
2010Dimensionless local and average boiling heat transfer correlation for saturated liquidsDas M.K.; Gupta S.C.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2019Three-Dimensional Full-Loop Hydrodynamic Simulation of a Circulating Fluidized-Bed Gasifier: A Quantitative Assessment of Drag ModelsSharma V.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2019CFD modeling for nucleate pool boiling of nanofluidsGupta R.R.; Bhambi S.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2017Simulation of 3D gas–solid fluidized bed reactor hydrodynamicsKumar U.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2012Sorption of Zn(II) ion onto the surface of activated carbon derived from eucalyptus bark saw dust from industrial wastewater: Isotherm, kinetics, mechanistic modeling, and thermodynamicsMishra V.; Majumder C.B.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2020One-pot three-component azide-alkyne cycloaddition: Synthesis of new pyrazole, 1,2,3-triazole, and oxadiazole tethered and their anti-inflammatory, quantitative structure-activity relationship, and docking studiesKadambar A.K.; Kalluraya B.; Singh S.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar; Revanasiddappa B.C.