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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Electrochemical oxidation of textile industry wastewater by graphite electrodesBhatnagar R.; Joshi, Himanshu; Mall I.D.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2015Two-stage electrochemical treatment of bio-digested distillery spent wash using stainless steel and aluminum electrodesSharma P.; Joshi, Himanshu; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2014Electrochemical treatment of acrylic dye-bearing textile wastewater: Optimization of operating parametersBhatnagar R.; Joshi, Himanshu; Mall I.D.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2013A finite-element method for the weakly compressible parabolized steady 3D Navier-Stokes equations in a channel with a permeable wallVynnycky M.; Sharma, A. K.; Birgersson E.
2015Towards computationally-efficient modeling of transport phenomena in three-dimensional monolithic channelsSharma, A. K.; Birgersson E.; Vynnycky M.
2014Computationally-efficient hybrid strategy for mechanistic modeling of fuel cell stacksSharma, A. K.; Birgersson E.; Khor S.H.
2015Verified reduction of dimensionality for an all-vanadium redox flow battery modelSharma, A. K.; Ling C.Y.; Birgersson E.; Vynnycky M.; Han M.
2013Conduction in composite slabs: Reliability of 1-D and 2-D calculationsSharma, A. K.; Agarwal V.; Das, Arup Kumar; Ghosh S.; Das P.K.
2014The quasi-steady state of all-vanadium redox flow batteries: A scale analysisSharma, A. K.; Vynnycky M.; Ling C.Y.; Birgersson E.; Han M.
2014Computationally-efficient simulation of transport phenomena in fuel cell stacks via electrical and thermal decoupling of the cellsSharma, A. K.; Birgersson E.