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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Removal of Pb(II) and Cr(VI) by laterite soil from synthetic waste water: single and bi-component adsorption approachMitra S.; Thakur L.S.; Rathore V.K.; Mondal P.
2007Removal of trivalent arsenic (As(III)) from contaminated water by calcium chloride (CaCl2) impregnated rice husk carbonMondal P.; Majumder C.B.; Mohanty B.
2017Bioremoval of fluoride from synthetic water using gram-negative bacteria Shewanella putrefaciensDwivedi S.; Mondal P.; Balomajumder C.
2015Simultaneous generation of electricity and removal of organic load from synthetic wastewater in a membrane less microbial fuel cell: Parametric evaluationShankar R.; Mondal P.; Chand S.
2019Pyrolysis kinetic study of waste milk packets using thermogravimetric analysis and product characterizationSingh G.; Varma A.K.; Almas S.; Jana A.; Mondal P.; Seay J.
2004Sedimentation of hematite water slurriesMondal P.; Majumder C.B.
2018Corrigendum to “Development of heterogeneous alkali catalyst from waste chicken eggshell for biodiesel production” (Renewable Energy (2018) 128(PA) (142–154), (S096014811830569X) (10.1016/j.renene.2018.05.048))Goli J.; Mondal P.; Sahu O.
2012Response surface optimization of critical medium components for the production of lactic acid by Rhizopusarrhizus. Res.Dwivedi Naveen; Dwivedi Shubha; Majumder C. B.; Mondal P.
2010Treatment of arsenic contaminated groundwater using calcium impregnated granular activated carbon in a batch reactor: Optimization of process parametersMondal P.; Mohanty B.; Balomajumder C.
2004Sytnhesis of Riboflavin 5’ Phosphate Sodium (Vitamin B2 derivative)Bhattacharya T. K; Mondal P.