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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Reversible assembly and disassembly of amphiphilic assemblies by electropolymerized polyaniline films: Effects rendered by varying the electropolymerization potentialDutta K.; Kundu P.P.
2016Fabrication of porous magnetic nanocomposites for bone tissue engineeringBhowmick A.; Pramanik N.; Mitra T.; Gnanamani A.; Das M.; Kundu P.P.
2015Pt-Ru/Al2O3-C nanocomposites as direct methanol fuel cell catalysts for electrooxidation of methanol in acidic mediumDas S.; Kundu P.P.
2003Transport of moist air through microporous polyolefin filmsKundu P.P.; Choe S.
1997Blends of poly[ethylene(vinyl acetate)] and polychloroprene: Studies on capillary and dynamic flowsKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.; Gupta B.R.
2015Spectroscopic characterization and microbial degradation of engineered bio-elastomers from linseed oilDas R.; Pramanik N.; Kundu P.P.
2016Fabrication and characterization of in situ graphene oxide reinforced high-performance shape memory polymeric nanocomposites from vegetable oilDas R.; Banerjee S.L.; Kundu P.P.
2011Thermal and mechanical behavior of unsaturated polyester [derived from poly(ethylene terephthalate) waste] and montmorillonite-filled nanocomposites synthesized by in situ polymerizationKatoch S.; Kundu P.P.
2019Cloning and expression of ?-amylase in E. coli: genesis of a superior biocatalyst for substrate-specific MFCNandy A.; Jana S.; Khamrai M.; Kumar V.; Mukherjee S.; Bhattacharyya A.; Kundu P.P.
2014Membrane prepared by incorporation of crosslinked sulfonated polystyrene in the blend of PVdF-co-HFP/Nafion: A preliminary evaluation for application in DMFCKumar P.; Dutta K.; Das S.; Kundu P.P.