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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Dimethyl carbonate synthesis from carbon dioxide using ceria-zirconia catalysts prepared using a templating method: Characterization, parametric optimization and chemical equilibrium modelingKumar P.; With P.; Srivastava V.C.; Shukla K.; Gläser R.; Mishra I.M.
2019Synthesize and characterization of binary grafted psyllium for removing toxic mercury (II) ions from aqueous solutionKumar D.; Pandey J.; Khan N.; Kumar P.; Kundu P.P.
2015Synthesis and characterization of Ce-La oxides for the formation of dimethyl carbonate by transesterification of propylene carbonateKumar P.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2015Dimethyl carbonate synthesis via transesterification of propylene carbonate with methanol by ceria-zinc catalysts: Role of catalyst support and reaction parametersKumar P.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2014Polymer electrolyte membrane with high selectivity ratio for direct methanol fuel cells: A preliminary study based on blends of partially sulfonated polymers polyaniline and PVdF-co-HFPDutta K.; Das S.; Kumar P.; Kundu P.P.
2014Enhanced performance of direct methanol fuel cells: A study on the combined effect of various supporting electrolytes, flow channel designs and operating temperaturesKumar P.; Dutta K.; Kundu P.P.
2016Biosurfactant as a Promoter of Methane Hydrate Formation: Thermodynamic and Kinetic StudiesArora A.; Cameotra S.S.; Kumar R.; Balomajumder C.; Singh A.K.; Santhakumari B.; Kumar P.; Laik S.
2016Fabrication of laminated and coated Nafion 117 membranes for reduced mass transfer in microbial fuel cellsKumar V.; Kumar P.; Nandy A.; Kundu P.P.
2015Conversion of carbon dioxide along with methanol to dimethyl carbonate over ceria catalystKumar P.; With P.; Srivastava V.C.; Gläser R.; Mishra I.M.
2013Effects of various factors on the interfacial mass transfer phenomenon and dispersion of polyaniline in an aqueous/organic bi-/tri-phasic systemDutta K.; Kumar P.; Das S.; Kundu P.P.