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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999X-ray crystal structure and spectroscopy of a pseudo-square pyramidal Cu(II) complex, trans-dinitratotetrakis (trans-4-styrylpyridine)copper(II)Karunakaran C.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Shunmugasundaram A.; Murugesan R.
2005X-ray diffraction line profile analysis for defect study in Cu-1 wt.% Cr-0.1 wt.% Zr alloyKapoor K.; Lahiri D.; Batra I.S.; Rao S.V.R.; Sanyal T.
2004X-ray diffraction line profile analysis for defect study in Zr-2·5% Nb materialKapoor K.; Lahiri D.; Rao S.V.R.; Sanyal T.; Kashyap B.P.
2002X-ray measurement of near surface residual stress in textured cold-worked stress-relieved Zr-2.5%Nb pressure tube materialKapoor K.; Lahiri D.; Padmaprabu C.; Sanyal T.
2018X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and ion dynamics study of W6+ doped La2Mo2O9 as SOFC electrolyteSiddharth; Bysakh S.; Sil A.
2009X-ray powder diffraction and electron diffraction studies of the thortveitite-related L phase, (Zn,Mn)2V2O7Knowles K.M.; Vickers M.E.; Sil A.; Han Y.-H.; Jaffrenou P.
2009X-ray powder diffraction line profile analysis of mechanically alloyed Cu-Cr powderLahiri I.; Bhargava S.
2015X-ray production cross sections at incident photon energies across the Mi (i=1-5) edges of 90ThKaur R.; Shehla; Kumar A.; Puri S.; Verma S.S.; Sinha M.M.
2008X-ray study of structural domains in the near-surface region of SrTiO 3 substrates with Y0.6Pr0.4Ba 2Cu3O7/La2/3Ca1/3MnO 3 superlattices grown on topHoppler J.; Stahn J.; Bouyanfif H.; Malik V.K.; Patterson B.D.; Willmott P.R.; Cristiani G.; Habermeier H.-U.; Bernhard C.
1993X-ray, thermal and dielectric studies of chemically derived lanthanum-modified lead zirconium titanate (7:65:35) ceramicsYadav K.L.; Choudhary R.N.P.
1989X†ray diffraction studies on 5†chlorouracil complexes with cobalt(II) and nickel (II)Singh U.P.; Ghose R.; Ghose A.K.
1989X†ray diffraction studies on cobalt(II)†and cobalt(III) complexes of 1†(2†pyridylazo)†2†naphthol(PAN)Sastry M.S.; Singh U.P.
1995X†ray diffraction studies on metal complexes of 5†nitrouracilSingh U.P.; Singh B.N.; Sastry M.S.; Ghose A.K.
1991X†Ray Diffraction Studies on Oxovanadium (IV) Complex with 5†BromouracilSingh U.P.; Ghose A.K.
2014XFEM for the evaluation of elastic properties of CNT-based 3-D full five-directional braided compositesSahoo A.K.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.
2011XFEM simulation of cracks, holes and inclusions in functionally graded materialsSingh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Bhattacharya S.
2014XFEM simulation of stable crack growth using J-R curve under finite strain plasticityKumar S.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.
2018XPM-induced modulation instability in silicon-on-insulator nano-waveguides and the impact of nonlinear lossesChaturvedi D.; Kumar A.; Mishra A.K.
2019Xylitol Production from Lignocellulosic Pentosans: A Rational Strain Engineering Approach toward a Multiproduct BiorefineryDasgupta D.; Junghare V.; Nautiyal A.K.; Jana A.; Hazra S.; Ghosh D.
2020Youth Labour Market in India: Education, Employment, and Sustainable Development GoalsBisht N.; Pattanaik F.; Prof. Samir Amine