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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019U32 collagenase from Pseudoalteromonas agarivorans NW4327: Activity, structure, substrate interactions and molecular dynamics simulationsBhattacharya S.; Bhattacharya S.; Gachhui R.; Hazra S.; Mukherjee J.
2010UCM: A measure of core inflationKar S.
2018UDM enhanced physical and mechanical properties through the formation of nanocavities in an epoxy matrixKumar K.; Kumar A.; Ghosh P.K.
2019UDM processed superior acrylic resin based ZrO2 nanoparticle reinforced composite for dental applicationGhosh P.K.; Kumar K.; Kumar A.
2000Ujjain clay as low-cost sealant and liner for artificial ponding and bentonite alternativeBillore S.K.; Singh N.; Sharma J.K.; Krishnamurthi R.; Kobayashi T.; Yagi R.
2012Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Jointed Rock MassBindlish A.; Singh M.; Samadhiya N.K.
2015Ultimate bearing capacity of shallow strip and circular foundations by using limit analysis, finite elements, and optimizationSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2017Ultra-fast charge carrier dynamics across the spectrum of an optical gain media based on InAs/AlGaInAs/InP quantum dotsKhanonkin I.; Mishra A.K.; Karni O.; Mikhelashvili V.; Banyoudeh S.; Schnabel F.; Sichkovskyi V.; Reithmaier J.; Eisenstein G.
2012Ultra-high current density carbon nanotube field emitter structure on three-dimensional micro-channeled copperLahiri I.; Wong J.; Zhou Z.; Choi W.
2002Ultra-large-core single-mode fiber for optical communications: The segmented cladding fiberChiang K.S.; Rastogi V.
2013Ultra-large-effective-area dispersion-flattened segmented-core optical fiberRastogi B.; Rastogi V.
2018Ultra-light weight, water durable and flexible highly electrical conductive polyurethane foam for superior electromagnetic interference shielding materialsGhosh S.; Ganguly S.; Remanan S.; Mondal S.; Jana S.; Maji P.K.; Singha N.; Das N.C.
2015Ultra-wide bandwidth with enhanced microwave absorption of electroless Ni-P coated tetrapod-shaped ZnO nano- and microstructuresNajim M.; Modi G.; Mishra Y.K.; Adelung R.; Singh D.; Agarwala V.
2019Ultrafine Particles in Concern of Vehicular Exhaust—An OverviewSK Yadav; RK Mishra; Gurjar B.R.
2012Ultrafine-grained HSLA steel processed using MAF: Dry sliding wear and corrosion behaviourPadap A.K.; Chaudhari G.P.; Nath S.K.
2009Ultrafine-grained steel fabricated using warm multiaxial forging: Microstructure and mechanical propertiesPadap A.K.; Chaudhari G.P.; Nath S.K.; Pancholi V.
2013Ultrahigh-pressure consolidation and deformation of tantalum carbide at ambient and high temperaturesLahiri D.; Singh V.; Rodrigues G.R.; Costa T.M.H.; Gallas M.R.; Bakshi S.R.; Seal S.; Agarwal A.
2019Ultralong micro-belts of luminescent lead halide-based perovskitesBansal P.; Kar P.
2014Ultrasensitive and fast detection of denaturation of milk by Coherent backscattering of lightVerma M.; Singh D.K.; Senthilkumaran P.; Joseph J.; Kandpal H.C.
2011Ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing of hardened AISI 52100 steel using unbonded SiC abrasivesMulik R.S.; Pandey P.M.