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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020(p,N)-Policy for Unreliable Server Bulk Queue with Bernoulli FeedbackJain, Madhu; Kaur S.
2020p-almost Hadamard matrices and λ -planesMohan, Manil T.
1979P-stable methods for periodic initial value problems of second order differential equationsJain, Manoj Kumar; Jain R.K.; Krishnaiah U.A.
1979P-stable singlestep methods for periodic initial-value problems involving second-order differential equationsJain, Manoj Kumar; Jain R.K.; Krishnaiah U.A.
2016p-Toluenesulfonic Acid-Mediated Three-Component Reaction "On-Water" Protocol for the Synthesis of Novel Thiadiazolo[2,3-b]quinazolin-6(7H)-onesWadhwa P.; Kaur T.; Singh N.; Singh U.P.; Sharma A.
2020P-y Curves of 2x2 pile group in liquefiable soil under dynamic loadingsChatterjee, Kaustav; Choudhury D.; Murakami A.; Fujisawa K.
2021PAA@ZIF-8 incorporated nanofibrous membrane for high-efficiency PM2.5 captureGuo J.; Hanif A.; Shang J.; Deka, Bhaskar Jyoti; Zhi N.; An A.K.
2013Painlevé analysis, Lie symmetries and exact solutions for variable coefficients Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burger (BBMB) equationKumar V.; Gupta R.K.; Jiwari, Ram
2014Pairing effect in the thermal shape-fluctuation model on the width of the giant dipole resonanceRhine Kumar A.K.; Arumugam, Paramasivan; Dang N.D.
2014Pairing in the continuum: The quadrupole response of the Borromean nucleus He 6Fortunato L.; Chatterjee, Rajdeep; Singh J.; Vitturi A.
2019Pairs of commuting isometries, IMaji, Amit; Sarkar J.; Sankar T.R.
2019Palaeo-weathering Characteristics and Nature of Source Lithology of a Carbonaceous Metasedimentary Unit in the Dalma Volcano-sedimentary Belt, North Singhbhum Mobile Belt, Eastern IndiaKhatun M.; Singh S.; Chakravarti, Rajarshi
2012Palaeoarchaean sea-floor alteration and metamorphism of pillow basalts from the Nondweni Greenstone Belt, southeastern Kaapvaal Craton, South AfricaSaha, Lopamudra; Hofmann A.; Jele N.; Harris C.
2013Palaeoenvironment of Northwestern India during the late Cretaceous Deccan volcanic episode from trace-element and stable-isotope geochemistry of intertrappean ostracod shellsBajpai, Sunil; Holmes J.; Bennett C.; Mandal N.; Khosla A.
2021Palaeogeographic implications of ichnotaxa assemblages from early Permian fluvio-marine Barakar Formation, Raniganj Basin, IndiaBhattacharya, Biplab; Bhattacharjee J.; Banerjee S.; Roy T.; Bandyopadhyay S.
2020Palaeogeographic reconstruction of a fluvio-marine transitional system in Narmada rift basin, India - Implications on Late Cretaceous global sea-level riseBhattacharya, Biplab; Jha S.; Mondal P.
2019Palaeostress and magma pressure measurement of granite veins in the Neoproterozoic Ambaji granulite, South Delhi terrane, Aravalli–Delhi mobile belt, NW India: Implication towards the extension-driven exhumation of the middle–lower crustal rocksTiwari, Sudheer Kumar; Biswal T.K.
2007Paleoceanographic significance of changes in Miocene deep-sea benthic foraminiferal diversity on the Wombat Plateau, Eastern Indian OceanRai A.K.; Maurya, Abhayanand Singh
2006Paleoceanographic significance of Early Miocene deep sea benthic foraminifera at the Wombat Plateau, eastern Indian OceanMaurya, Abhayanand Singh; Rai A.K.
1999Paleocurrent patterns in braid-bar and point-bar deposits: Examples from the Ganga River, IndiaShukla U.K.; Singh I.B.; Srivastava, P.; Singh D.S.