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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012M X/G/1 queuing model with state dependent arrival and Second Optional VacationSingh C.J.; Jain M.; Kumar B.
2015(m, M) machining system with two unreliable servers, mixed spares and common-cause failureJain M.; Mittal R.; Kumari R.
2005M-PAM space time trellis codes for multi-antenna ultra-wideband communicationsTyagi A.; Bose R.
2008M-PAM space-time trellis codes for ultra-wideband multiple-input multiple-output communicationsTyagi A.; Bose R.
2009M-shell X-ray production cross-sections for elements with 67 ? Z ? 92 at incident photon energies EM1 &lt; Einc ? 150 keVChauhan Y.; Kumar A.; Puri S.
2018M-theory exotic scalar glueball decays to mesons at finite couplingYadav V.; Misra A.
2011M/G/1 unreliable server retrial queueing system with bernoulli schedule and multi-optional serviceJain M.; Bhargava C.
2012M/M/1 retrial queue with constant retrial policy, unreliable server, threshold based recovery and state dependent arrival ratesPurohit G.N.; Jain M.; Rani S.
1998M/M/R machine repairmen problem with spares and additional repairmenJain M.
2014M/M/R+r machining system with reneging, spares and interdependent controlled ratesJain M.; Sharma G.C.; Rani V.
2006Maccormack scheme based numerical solution of advection-dispersion equationVerma P.; Hari Prasad K.S.; Ojha C.S.P.
2017Machinability of hypereutectic cast Al–Si alloys processed by SSM processing techniqueSood P.K.; Sehgal R.; Dwivedi D.K.
2013Machinability studies in hot machining of Ti-6Al-4v alloyUpadhyay V.; Jain P.K.; Mehta N.K.
2013Machinability study of stir cast hypoeutectic aluminum-silicon alloys during turningSood P.K.; Sehgal R.; Dwivedi D.K.
2001Machinable iron aluminides containing carbonPrakash U.; Sauthoff G.
2013Machine reconfigurability models using multi-attribute utility theory and power function approximationHasan F.; Jain P.K.; Kumar D.
2014Machine repair problem with an unreliable server and controlled arrival of failed machinesJain M.; Shekhar C.; Shukla S.
2010Machine repair problem with k-type warm spares, multiple vacations for repairmen and renegingMaheshwari S.; Sharma P.; Jain M.
2018Machine repair system with F-policy, two unreliable servers, and warm standbysKumar K.; Jain M.; Shekhar C.
2009Machining characteristics of Al 6063 SiC metal matrix composite using electric discharge machiningDvivedi A.; Kumar P.; Singh I.