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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004J/ψ gluonic dissociation revisited: I. Fugacity, flux and formation time effectsPatra, Binoy Krishna; Menon V.J.
2005J/ψ gluonic dissociation revisited: II. Hydrodynamic expansion effectsPatra, Binoy Krishna; Menon V.J.
2006J/ψ gluonic dissociation revisited: III. Effects of transverse hydrodynamic flowPatra, Binoy Krishna; Menon V.J.
2001J/ψ suppression: Gluonic dissociation vs. colour screeningPatra, Binoy Krishna; Srivastava D.K.
1998Jabalpur earthquake of 22nd May, 1997: Assessing the causes and damages using remote sensing and GIS techniquesSaraf. A. K.
2020Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity and the models of a Hawking-Page transition for 2D black holesLala A.; Rathi H.; Roychowdhury, Dibakar
2012Jacobian based control of walking robot with compliant legsGor M.M.; Pathak, Pushparaj Mani; Samantaray A.K.; Yang J.-M.; Kwak S.W.
2019Jain–Durrmeyer Operators Involving Inverse Pólya–Eggenberger DistributionGarg T.; Agrawal P.N.; Kajla A.
2018Jakimovski-Leviatan operators of Durrmeyer type involving Appell polynomialsGupta P.; Agrawal P.N.
2019Jakimovski-Leviatan operators of Kantorovich type involving multiple Appell polynomialsGupta P.; Acu A.M.; Agrawal P.N.
2020Jamming in free space optical systems: Mitigation and performance evaluationPaul P.; Bhatnagar M.R.; Jaiswal, Anshul K.
2016Jatropha curcas phytotomy and applications: Development as a potential biofuel plant through biotechnological advancementsKumar P.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Jha M.K.
2020Jaya optimization-based PID controller for Z-source inverter using model reductionGupta, Akhilesh KumarK.; Samuel P.; Kumar D.; Kalam A.; Niazi K.R.; Soni A.; Siddiqui S.A.; Mundra A.
2016Jeff Description of the Honeycomb Mott Insulator α-RuCl3Koitzsch A.; Habenicht C.; Müller E.; Knupfer M.; Büchner B.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra; Van Den Brink J.; Nowak D.; Isaeva A.; Doert T.
2020Jim Corbett’s My India: A study of ideological othernessRani P.; Kumar, Nagendra
2017Job scheduling algorithm in cloud environment considering the priority and cost of jobKumar M.; Dubey K.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Das K.N.; Pant M.; Deep K.; Bansal J.C.; Lal A.K.; Garg H.; Nagar A.K.
2014Job Search Processes for Tribal People From Jharkhand and West BengalDhar, Rajib Lochan
2010Job stress, coping process and intentions to leave: A study of information technology professionals working in IndiaDhar, Rajib Lochan; Dhar M.
2020Joining Behavior of Jute/Sisal Fibers Based Epoxy Laminates Using Different Joint ConfigurationsMelese K.G.; Singh, Inderdeep
2021Joining behavior of polymeric composites fabricated using agricultural waste as fillersKumar J.; Kumar V.; Singh, Inderdeep; Rakesh P.K.