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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006(e, eγ)-coincidence studies to determine spin-resolved Stokes parameters of the 185 nm emission line in mercuryAußendorf G.; Jüttemann F.; Muktavat K.; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.; Stauffer A.D.; Bartschat K.; Fursa D.V.; Bray I.; Hanne G.F.
2013e-Applications in Indian Agri-Food Supply Chain: Relationship among EnablersKumar R.; Agrawal R.; Sharma V.
2018E-Channel Alternatives: How do consumers decide on e-channel choice & useChaudhary V.; Dixit G.
2016E-field control of magnetocaloric effect and giant magnetoelectric coupling in Ni50Mn35In35/PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3/ZnO multiferroic heterostructureKir; eep Singh; Davinder Kaur
2004E-governance for poverty alleviation with special reference to Uttar Pradesh-a state in India.Pathak R.D.; Sharma V.; Husain Z; Gupta N.
2019EAI-NET: Effective and Accurate Iris Segmentation NetworkRajpal S.; Sadhya D.; De K.; Roy P.P.; Raman B.; Deka B.; Bhattacharyya D.K.; Maji P.; Mitra S.; Pal S.K.; Bora P.K.
2008Earliest Cenozoic frogs from the Indian subcontinent: implications for out-of-India hypothesis.Bajpai S.; Kapur V. V.
2008Early calcifications in human coronary arteries as determined with a proton microprobeRoijers R.B.; Dutta R.K.; Cleutjens J.P.M.; Mutsaers P.H.A.; De Goeij J.J.M.; Van Der Vusse G.J.
2009Early Danian planktic foraminifera from Cretaceous-Tertiary intertrappean beds at Jhilmili, Chhindwara District, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaKeller G.; Khosla S.C.; Sharma R.; Khosla A.; Bajpai S.; Adatte T.
2005Early Eocene land mammals from Vastan lignite mine, District Surat (Gujarat), western India. JBajpai S.; Kapur V.V.; Das D. P.; Tiwari B. N.; Saravanan N.; Sharma R.
2005Early Eocene primates from Vastan lignite mine, Gujarat, western India.Bajpai S.; Kapur V.V.; Thewissen J. G. M.; Tiwari B. N.; Das D. P.; Sharma R.; Saravanan N.
2007Early Eocene rodents (Mammalia) from Vastan lignite mine, Gujarat, western India.Bajpai S.; Das D. P.; Kapur V.V.; Tiwari B. N.; Srivastava S. S.
2003Early Eocene snakes from Kutch, Western India, with a review of the Palaeophiidae [Serpents de l'éocène inférieur de kutch, ouest de l'inde; revue des Palaeophiidae]Rage J.-C.; Bajpai S.; Thewissen J.G.M.; Tiwari B.N.
2003Early Eocene snakes from Kutch, Western India, with a review of the Palaeophiidae.Rage J.-C.; Bajpai S.; Thewissen J. G. M.; Tiwari B. N.
2011Early Eocene warming events and the timing of terrestrial faunal exchange between India and AsiaClementz M.; Bajpai S.; Ravikant V.; Thewissen J.G.M.; Saravanan N.; Singh I.B.; Prasad V.
2010Early Miocene mammals from central Kutch (Gujarat), Western India: Implications for geochronology, biogeography, eustacy and intercontinental dispersalsBhandari A.; Mohabey D.M.; Bajpai S.; Tiwari B.N.; Pickford M.
2018Early Permian transgressive–regressive cycles: Sequence stratigraphic reappraisal of the coal-bearing Barakar Formation, Raniganj Basin, IndiaBhattacharya B.; Bhattacharjee J.; Bandyopadhyay S.; Banerjee S.; Adhikari K.
2020Early strength development in concrete using preformed CSH nano crystalsDas S.; Ray S.; Sarkar S.
2017Early-Middle Eocene exhumation of the Trans-Himalayan Ladakh Batholith, and the India-Asia convergenceKumar R.; Jain A.K.; Lal N.; Singh S.
1995Earthquake distribution characteristics and seismicity rate in the Hindu Kush and its vicinityShanker D.; Singh V.P.