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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011C-band microstrip based bandpass filter with design oriented transmission zeros allocationRawat K.; Ghannouchi F.
2012C-R Model for Ar plasmas using reliable excitation cross-sectionsGangwar R.K.; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.; Stauffer A.D.
2014C0 FE model based on HOZT for the analysis of laminated soft core skew sandwich plates: Bending and vibrationChalak H.D.; Chakrabarti A.; Sheikh A.H.; Iqbal M.A.
2012C0 FE model for the analysis of laminated soft core sandwich platesChalak H.D.; Chakrabarti A.; Iqbal M.A.; Sheikh A.H.
2014Ca 48 + Bk 249 fusion reaction leading to element Z=117: Long-lived α -decaying Db 270 and discovery of Lr 266Khuyagbaatar J.; Yakushev A.; Düllmann Ch.E.; Ackermann D.; Andersson L.-L.; Asai M.; Block M.; Boll R.A.; Brand H.; Cox D.M.; Dasgupta M.; Derkx X.; Di Nitto A.; Eberhardt K.; Even J.; Evers M.; Fahlander C.; Forsberg U.; Gates J.M.
2008Cable net facades for IndiaAggarwal S.; Prasad J.; Chani P.S.
2016CAD based design of a wide band phase shifter for Ku band applicationsVarshney A.K.; Pathak N.P.
2009CAD of RF windows using multiobjective particle swarm optimizationChauhan N.C.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Mittal A.
2018Cadherin profiling for therapeutic interventions in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and tumorigenesisPal M.; Bhattacharya S.; Kalyan G.; Hazra S.
2011Cadmium and Chromium removal by aquatic plantNarain Satya; Ojha C.S.P.; Mishra S.K.; Chaube U.C.; Sharma P.K.
2000Cadmium ion-selective electrode based on cyanocopolymerGupta K.C.; D'Arc M.J.
2005Calcium/phosphorus ratios in calcium-rich deposits in atherosclerotic human coronary arteriesDutta R.K.; Roijers R.B.; Mutsaers P.H.A.; Pauwels P.; De Goeij J.J.M.; Van Der Vusse G.J.; Jaksic M.; Radovic I.B.; Medunic Z.
2007Calculated electronic and magnetic properties of the half-metallic, transition metal based Heusler compoundsKandpal H.C.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.
2015Calculation of interlaminar shear stresses in laminated shallow shell panel using refined higher order shear deformation theoryKhandelwal R.P.; Chakrabarti A.
2011Calculation of magnetic exchange couplings in the S=3/2 honeycomb system (Bi3Mn4O12)NO3 from first principlesKandpal H.C.; Van Den Brink J.
2019Calibrating HCM model for roundabout entry capacity under heterogeneous trafficAhmad A.; Rastogi R.
1999Calibration and validation of a general infiltration modelMishra S.K.; Kumar S.R.; Singh V.P.
2010Calibration of a diamond capsule cell assembly for in situ determination of liquid properties in the Paris-Edinburgh pressVan Kan Parker M.; Sanloup C.; Tronche E.J.; Perrillat J.-P.; Mezouar M.; Rai N.; Van Westrenen W.
2020Calibration of accelerated corrosion protocol for reinforced concrete columnsRajput A.S.; Sharma U.K.
2020Calibration of choice model parameters in a transport scenario with heterogeneous traffic conditions and income dependencyAgarwal A.; Ziemke D.; Nagel K.