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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Laboratory research on reclaimed asphalt pavement-inclusive cementitious mixturesAbraham S.M.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2012Laboratory study of skid resistance and rutting of Bituminous ConcreteSingh M.; Kumar P.; Maurya M.R.
2011Laboratory study on moisture susceptibility of dense graded mixesKumar P.; Anand P.
2011Laced Boolean functions and subset sum problems in finite fieldsCanright D.; Gangopadhyay S.; Maitra S.; Stânicâ P.
1998Lactic acid extraction with trioctyl amineChoudhury B.; Swaminathan T.
2006Lactic acid fermentation in cell-recycle membrane bioreactorChoudhury B.; Swaminathan T.
2015Lagrange interpolation and modified cubic B-spline differential quadrature methods for solving hyperbolic partial differential equations with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditionsJiwari R.
2018Lambert W function based semi-analytical framework for estimation of speed and passenger car unitBiswas S.; Chandra S.; Ghosh I.; Ricci S.; Brebbia C.A.
2007Laminar convective heat transfer in chaotic configurationKumar V.; Nigam K.D.P.
2015Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena Across a Confined Semicircular Bluff Body at Low Reynolds NumbersKumar A.; Dhiman A.
2015Laminar flow of non-Newtonian shear-thinning fluids in a T-channelKhandelwal V.; Dhiman A.; Baranyi L.
2014Laminar mixed convection in a channel with a built-in semi-circular cylinder under the effect of cross-buoyancySukesan M.K.; Dhiman A.K.
2015Laminar momentum and heat transfer in a channel with a built-in tapered trapezoidal bluff bodyDhiman A.; Verma S.; Ghosh R.
2015Laminar momentum and heat transfer phenomena of power-law dilatant fluids around an asymmetrically confined cylinderBijjam S.; Dhiman A.; Gautam V.
2017Lamination of microfibrous PLGA fabric by electrospinning a layer of collagenhydroxyapatite composite nanofibers forbone tissue engineeringKwon G.-W.; Gupta K.C.; Jung K.-H.; Kang I.-K.
2011Land cover classification of palsar images by knowledge based decision tree classi-fier and supervised classifiers based on sar observablesMishra P.; Singh D.; Yamaguchi Y.
2013Land cover classification using EM algorithm based multi-polarized ALOS PALSAR image fusionMittal V.; Singh D.; Saini L.M.
1995Landsat-tm data for estimating ground temperature and depth of subsurface coal fire in the jharia coalfield, indiaSaraf A.K.; Prakash A.; Sengupta S.; Gupta R.P.
2016Landslide Hazard Assessment with Reference to 2003 Varunavat LandslideSangeeta; Maheshwari B.K.
2008Landslide Hazard Automated Zonation (LHAZ) systemGhosh J.K.; Bhattacharya D.