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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Calibration of HDM-4 bituminous road deterioration models for Indian conditionsAggarwal S.; Jain S.S.; Parida M.
2015Calibration of nearest neighbors model for avalanche forecastingSingh A.; Damir B.; Deep K.; Ganju A.
2015Calibration of safety performance function for crashes on inter-city four lane highways in IndiaChikka Krishna N.K.; Parida M.; Jain S.S.
2016Calibration of TRMM rainfall climatology over Uttarakhand State, India during 1998-2012Shukla A.K.; Ojha C.S.P.; Garg R.D.; Singh R.P.
2014Call admission control and resource allocation of wireless networksJain M.; Sharma G.C.; Mittal R.
2014Call Admission Control for Soft Handoff Coverage in CDMA Cellular SystemJain M.; Mittal R.
2011Callose Biosynthesis Regulates Symplastic Trafficking during Root DevelopmentVatén A.; Dettmer J.; Wu S.; Stierhof Y.-D.; Miyashima S.; Yadav S.R.; Roberts C.J.; Campilho A.; Bulone V.; Lichtenberger R.; Lehesranta S.; Mähönen A.P.; Kim J.-Y.; Jokitalo E.; Sauer N.; Scheres B.; Nakajima K.; Carlsbecker A.; Gallag
2017Camouflage Detection Using MWIR Hyperspectral ImagesKumar V.; Ghosh J.K.
2010Camphor-10-sulfonamide-based prolinamide organocatalyst for the direct intermolecular aldol reaction between ketones and aromatic aldehydesRani R.; Peddinti R.K.
2017Can a light harvesting material be always common in photocatalytic and photovoltaic applications?Kar P.; Maji T.K.; Patwari J.; Pal S.K.
2017Can all bulk-phase reactions be accelerated in microdroplets?Banerjee S.; Gnanamani E.; Yan X.; Zare R.N.
2012Can finite element and closed-form solutions for laterally loaded piles be identical?Sawant V.A.; Shukla S.K.
2013Can inhibitor-resistant substitutions in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis ?-lactamase BlaC lead to clavulanate resistance?: A biochemical rationale for the use of ?-lactam-?-lactamase inhibitor combinationsKurz S.G.; Wolff K.A.; Hazra S.; Bethel C.R.; Hujer A.M.; Smith K.M.; Xu Y.; Tremblay L.W.; Blanchard J.S.; Nguyen L.; Bonomo R.A.
2013Cancer biomarker discovery in saliva by mass spectrometryAmbatipudi K.S.; Melvin J.E.
2020Cancer chemoprevention by flavonoids, dietary polyphenols and terpenoidsSheikh I.; Sharma V.; Tuli H.S.; Aggarwal D.; Sankhyan A.; Vyas P.; Sharma A.K.; Bishayee A.
2013Candida albicans biofilm inhibition by synergistic action of terpenes and fluconazolePemmaraju S.C.; Pruthi P.A.; Prasad R.; Pruthi V.
2013Cantilevered single walled boron nitride nanotube based nanomechanical resonators of zigzag and armchair formsPanchal M.B.; Upadhyay S.H.
2012Capability enhancement of women through information technology to reduce poverty, inequality and radical feminismSharma V.; Seth P.; Niyazi S.
2016Capability’ development through ICT enabled business opportunity development model of e-ChoupalMadan P.; Sharma V.; Seth P.
2018Capacitive and resistive sensing based on compensated relaxation oscillatorTyagi T.; Sumathi P.