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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Buckling of laminated sandwich plates subjected to partial edge compressionChakrabarti A.; Sheikh A.H.
2007Buckling of laminated sandwich plates using an efficient plate modelChakrabarti A.; Sheikh A.H.
2018Buffered count-min sketch on SSD: Theory and experimentsGoswami M.; Medjedovic D.; Mekic E.; Pandey P.; Bast H.; Herman G.; Azar Y.
2006Building a better air defence system using genetic algorithmsPant M.; Deep K.
2015Building and branding talent hub: An outlookTiwari B.; Lenka U.
2019Building facade and rooftop segmentation by normal estimation from UAV derived RGB point cloudKushwaha S.K.P.; Dayal K.R.; Singh A.; Jain K.; Grussenmeyer P.; Murtiyoso A.; Macher H.; Assi R.
2015Building fire safety: Numerical simulation and evacuation planningSanjay V.; Das A.K. (Conference)
2010Building frame-pile foundation-soil interactive analysis using 3D-FEMSawant V.A.; Chore H.S.
2016Building psychological safety for employee engagement in post-recessionTiwari B.; Lenka U.
2014Building trusted ICs using split fabricationVaidyanathan K.; Das B.P.; Sumbul E.; Liu R.; Pileggi L.
2012Bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaic devices based on small molecules featuring pyrrole and carbazole and 2-(4-nitrophenyl)acrylonitrile acceptor segments as donor and fullerene derivatives as acceptorSharma G.D.; Mikroyannidis J.A.; Sharma S.S.; Justin Thomas K.R.
2019Bulk viscosity at extreme limits: from kinetic theory to stringsCzajka A.; Dasgupta K.; Gale C.; Jeon S.; Misra A.; Richard M.; Sil K.
2016Buoyancy driven heat transfer effect in room ventilation due to discrete heat sourcesGupta; N.; Nayak; A. K.
2016Buoyancy driven heat transfer in nanofluids due to wall mounted heat sourceMalik S.; Nayak A.K.
2014Buoyancy-aided momentum and heat transfer in a vertical channel with a built-in square cylinderDhiman A.; Sharma N.; Kumar S.
2020Bus Arrival Time Prediction and Measure of Uncertainties Using Survival ModelsSharmila R.B.; Velaga N.; Choudhary P.
2015Bus encoder design for crosstalk and power reduction in RLC modelled VLSI interconnectsVerma S.K.; Kaushik B.K.
2013Bus encoder design for reduced crosstalk, power and area in coupled VLSI interconnectsKaushik B.K.; Agarwal D.; Babu N.G.
2010Bus impedance matrix based approach for congestion management in deregulated environmentSingh K.; Padhy N.P.; Sharma J.D.
2017Business model innovation and organisational mindfulness as determinants of corporate sustainability: An empirical studyVihari N.S.; Rao M.K.