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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Ag+ driven antimicrobial activity of Ag+: ZnO nanowires immobilized on paper matricesAggrawal S.; Mandal T.K.; Mohanty P.
2016Effect of electric impulse for improved energy generation in mediatorless dual chamber microbial fuel cell through electroevolution of Escherichia coliNandy A.; Kumar V.; Kundu P.P.
2019Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)-mediated synthesis of silver nanowires decorated with silver nanospheres and their antimicrobial activityPriyadarshi R.; Negi Y.S.
2012Prevalence of rotavirus, coronavirus and escherichia coli: The main agents responsible for calf diarrhoeaSuresh T.; Rai R.B.; Dhama K.; Bhatt P.; Sawant P.M.; Sharma A.K.
2008Removal of fecal indicators and pathogens in a waste stabilization pond system treating municipal wastewater in IndiaTyagi V.K.; Kazmi A.A.; Chopra A.K.