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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Anticorrosive and electromagnetic shielding response of a graphene/TiO2-epoxy nanocomposite with enhanced mechanical propertiesKumar A.; Anant R.; Kumar K.; Chauhan S.S.; Kumar S.; Kumar R.
2016Improving mechanical and thermal properties of TiO2-epoxy nanocompositeKumar K.; Ghosh P.K.; Kumar A.
2015Improving thermal and electrical properties of graphene–PMMA nanocompositeGhosh P.K.; Kumar A.; Kumar K.
2018MWCNTs toward superior strength of epoxy adhesive joint on mild steel adherentKumar A.; Kumar K.; Ghosh P.K.; Rathi A.; Yadav K.L.; Raman
2015Studies on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy-Silicon Oxide Hybrid MaterialsGhosh P.K.; Kumar K.; Kumar A.
2019Superior thermomechanical and wetting properties of ultrasonic dual mode mixing assisted epoxy-CNT nanocompositesGoyat M.S.; Jaglan V.; Tomar V.; Louchaert G.; Kumar A.; Kumar K.; Singla A.; Gupta R.; Bhan U.; Rai S.K.; Sharma S.
2018UDM enhanced physical and mechanical properties through the formation of nanocavities in an epoxy matrixKumar K.; Kumar A.; Ghosh P.K.
2019UDM processed superior acrylic resin based ZrO2 nanoparticle reinforced composite for dental applicationGhosh P.K.; Kumar K.; Kumar A.
2018Viscoelastic and thermally stable PDMS–SiO2 filled epoxy adhesive joint on steel substrateKumar K.; Kumar S.; Kumar A.; Anant R.; Kumar R.