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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Earthquake ground motion predictive equations for Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaHarbindu A.; Gupta S.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2012Earthquake Hazard Assessment for Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, Including a Characteristic Earthquake Recurrence Model for the Himalaya Frontal Fault (HFF)Sharma, Mukat Lal; Lindholm C.
2018Earthquake magnitude conversion problemDas R.; Wason H.R.; Gonzalez G.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Choudhury D.; Lindholm C.; Roy N.; Salazar P.
2013Earthquake magnitude estimate for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system: An automization from P-wave time window analysisBhardwaj R.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Kumar A.
2015Effects on amplification of strong ground motion due to deep soilsJakka, Ravi Sankar; Hussain M.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2014Empirical-based seismically induced slope displacements in a geographic information system environment: a case studyPareek N.; Pal S.; Kaynia A.M.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2010Estimation and implementations of conditional probabilities of occurrence of moderate earthquakes in IndiaSharma, Mukat Lal; Kumar R.
2011Estimation of conditional probabilities of occurrence of moderate earthquakes in India using non-Poissonian distributions and their implicationsKumar R.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2012Estimation of model parameter of Sumatra earthquake using empirical Green's function technique and generation of hypothetical earthquake scenario for Andaman Island, IndiaJoshi A.; Kumari P.; Kumar S.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Ghosh A.K.; Agarwal M.K.; Ravikiran A.
2011Estimation of peak ground acceleration and its uncertainty for northern Indian regionJoshi G.C.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
1998Estimation of seismic hazard parameters for the Himalayas and its vicinity from complete data filesShanker, Dayasfeq; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2016Estimation of the source parameters of the Nepal earthquake from strong motion dataJoshi A.; Tomer M.; Lal S.; Chopra S.; Singh, Sandeep; Prajapati S.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Sandeep
2013General orthogonal regression relations between body-wave and moment magnitudesDas R.; Wason H.R.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2006Geotechnical and structural damage in Tamil Nadu, India, from the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamiMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2013Geotechnical Aspects of Sikkim Earthquake of September 18, 2011Maheshwari, Bal Krishna; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Singh, Yogendra C.; Sinvhal A.
2006Geotechnical damages on the Indian coast due to tsunami caused by December 26, 2004 Sumatra earthquakeMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2011Global regression relations for conversion of surface wave and body wave magnitudes to moment magnitudeDas R.; Wason H.R.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2018Global strain rates in western to central Himalayas and their implications in seismic hazard assessmentChoudhary C.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2014Ground motion prediction in himalayas using observed and simulated datasetsSharma, Mukat Lal; Harbindu A.
2021Ground Response Analysis with Deep Bedrock Depth in Indo-Gangetic PlainsSharma P.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu; Sitharam T.G.; Jakka R.; Govindaraju L.