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2015Palladium(II) complexes of OS donor N-(di(butyl/phenyl)carbamothioyl)benzamide and their antiamoebic activityMaurya, Mannar Ram; Uprety B.; Avecilla F.; Tariq S.; Azam A.
2017Phloroglucinol and resorcinol based mononuclear dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes: Synthesis, structural characterization and catalytic epoxidationMaurya, Mannar Ram; Rana L.; Avecilla F.
2014Polymer and non-polymer-grafted dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes having ONO donor ligand and their catalytic activities for the oxidative bromination of organic substratesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar N.; Avecilla F.
2006Polymer supported vanadium and molybdenum complexes as potential catalysts for the oxidation and oxidative bromination of organic substratesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar U.; Manikandan P.
2006Polymer-anchored oxoperoxo complexes of vanadium(V), molybdenum(VI) and tungsten(VI) as catalyst for the oxidation of phenol and styrene using hydrogen peroxide as oxidantMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar M.; Sikarwar S.
2007Polymer-anchored vanadium(IV), molybdenum(VI) and copper(II) complexes of bidentate ligand as catalyst for the liquid phase oxidation of organic substratesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar M.; Kumar U.
2011Polymer-bound metal complexes as catalysts: Synthesis, characterization, reactivity and catalytic activity in E-H bond activationMaurya, Mannar Ram; Pessoa J.C.
2010Polymer-bound oxidovanadium(IV) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes as catalysts for the oxidative desulfurization of model fuel dieselMaurya, Mannar Ram; Arya A.; Kumar A.; Kuznetsov M.L.; Avecilla F.; Pessoa J.C.
2009Polymer-bound oxidovanadium(IV) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic application for the hydroamination of styrene and vinyl pyridineMaurya, Mannar Ram; Arya A.; Kumar U.; Kumar A.; Avecilla F.; Pessoa J.C.
2014Polymer-grafted and neat vanadium(V) complexes as functional mimics of haloperoxidasesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Chaudhary N.; Avecilla F.
2014Polystyrene bound dioxidovanadium(V) complexes of 2-acetylpyridine derived ligands for catalytic oxidationsMaurya, Mannar Ram; Chaudhary N.; Kumar A.; Avecilla F.; Costa Pessoa J.
2009Polystyrene bound oxidovanadium(IV) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes of histamine derived ligand for the oxidation of methyl phenyl sulfide, diphenyl sulfide and benzoinMaurya, Mannar Ram; Arya A.; Kumar A.; Pessoa J.C.
2002Potassium bis(2-[α-hydroxyalkyl/aryl] benzimidazolato) dioxovanadates(V) through base assisted aerial oxidation of the corresponding oxovanadium(IV) complexesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khurana S.
2019Probing the synthetic protocols and coordination chemistry of oxido-, dioxido-, oxidoperoxido-vanadium and related complexes of higher nuclearityMaurya, Mannar Ram
1991Rational Design of Linear Trinuclear Metal ComplexesWoo L.K.; Maurya, Mannar Ram
1993Reactivity of bis(acetylacetonato)dinitrosylmolybdenum(0) towards schiff bases derived from salicylaldehyde or o-vanillin and benzoylhydrazide, or isonicotinoylhydrazideMaurya, Mannar Ram; Gopinathan S.; Gopinathan C.; Maurya R.C.
2019Robust and electron deficient oxidovanadium(iv) porphyrin catalysts for selective epoxidation and oxidative bromination reactions in aqueous mediaDar T.A.; Uprety B.; Sankar, Muniappan; Maurya, Mannar Ram
1997Ruthenium(II) hydrido complexes of S-methyldithiocarbazatesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Unny I.R.; Alekar N.A.; Gopinathan S.; Gopinathan C.
2021Selective Bromination of β-Positions of Porphyrin by Self-Catalytic Behaviour of VOTPP: Facile Synthesis, Electrochemical Redox Properties and Catalytic ApplicationMaurya, Mannar Ram; Prakash V.; Avecilla F.; Sankar, Muniappan
2021Selective epoxidation of olefins by vanadylporphyrin [VIVO(TPP)] and electron deficient nonplanar β-octabromovanadylporphyrin [VIVO(TPPBr8)]Maurya, Mannar Ram; Prakash V.; Sankar, Muniappan