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2021Biomimetic Oxidative Bromination by cis-Dioxidotungsten(VI) Complexes of Salan Type N,N’-Capped Linear Tetradentate Amino BisphenolMaurya, Mannar Ram; Maurya S.K.; Kumar N.; Gupta, Puneet
2002Biomimetic oxo-, dioxo- and oxo-peroxo-hydrazonato-vanadium(IV/V) complexesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khurana S.; Zhang W.; Rehder D.
2005Bis(2-[α-hydroxyethyl]benzimidazolato)copper(II) anchored onto chloromethylated polystyrene for the biomimetic oxidative coupling of 2-aminophenol to 2-aminophenoxazine-3-oneMaurya, Mannar Ram; Sikarwar S.; Joseph T.; Halligudi S.B.
2017Bis{cis-[MoO2]} Complexes of 4,6-Diacetyl Resorcinol Bis(hydrazone)and Their Catalytic Application for the Three Components Dynamic Covalent Assembly via Hantzsch ReactionMaurya, Mannar Ram; Rana L.; Jangra N.; Avecilla F.
2004Catalytic activity of chromium(III), iron(III) and bismuth(III) complexes of 1,2-bis(2-hydroxybenzamido)ethane (H2hybe) encapsulated in zeolite-Y for liquid phase hydroxylation of phenolMaurya, Mannar Ram; Titinchi S.J.J.; Chand S.
2012Catalytic applications of polymer-supported molybdenum complexes in organic transformationsMaurya, Mannar Ram
2015Catalytic oxidation of internal and terminal alkenes by oxidoperoxidomolybdenum(VI) and dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Rana L.; Avecilla F.
2015Catalytic oxidation of secondary alcohols by molybdenum complexes derived from 4-acyl pyrazolone in presence and absence of an N-based additive: Conventional versus microwave assisted methodMaurya, Mannar Ram; Saini N.; Avecilla F.
2014Chloromethylated polystyrene cross-linked with divinylbenzene and grafted with vanadium(IV) and vanadium(V) complexes having ONO donor ligand for the catalytic activityMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar N.
2016Co-processing of bio-oil from de-oiled Jatropha curcas seed cake with refinery gas-oil over sulfided CoMoP/Al2O3 catalystPoddar M.K.; Rai A.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Sinha A.K.
1995Coordination Chemistry Of Schiff Base Complexes Of UraniumMaurya, Mannar Ram; Maurya R.C.
2003Coordination polymers based on bridging methylene group as catalysts for the liquid phase hydroxylation of phenolMaurya, Mannar Ram; Jain I.; Titinchi S.J.J.
2011Copper(II) complex of monobasic tridentate ONN donor ligand: Synthesis, encapsulation in zeolite-Y, characterization, and catalytic activityMaurya, Mannar Ram; Haldar C.; Behl S.; Kamatham N.; Avecilla F.
2005Copper(II) complexes with substituted thiosemicarbazones of thiophene-2-carboxaldehyde: Synthesis, characterization and antiamoebic activity against E. histolyticaSharma S.; Athar F.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Azam A.
2006Cyclooctadiene Ru(II) complexes of thiophene-2-carboxaldehyde-derived thiosemicarbazones: synthesis, characterization and antiamoebic activitySingh S.; Athar F.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Azam A.
2009Dinuclear oxidovanadium(IV) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes of 5,5′-methylenebis(dibasic tridentate) ligands: Synthesis, spectral characterisation, reactivity, and catalytic and antiamoebic activitiesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khan A.A.; Azam A.; Kumar A.; Ranjan S.; Mondal N.; Costa Pessoa J.
2019Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) and dioxidouranium(VI) complexes as functional mimic of haloperoxidases catalytic activity in presence of H2O2–KBr–HClO4Maurya, Mannar Ram; Mengesha B.; Maurya S.K.; Sehrawat N.; Avecilla F.
2018Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes bearing sterically constrained aroylazine ligands: Synthesis, structural investigation and catalytic evaluationMajumder S.; Pasayat S.; Roy S.; Dash S.P.; Dhaka S.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Reichelt M.; Reuter H.; Brzezinski K.; Dinda R.
2016Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) Complexes of Tripodal Tetradentate Ligands for Catalytic Oxygen Atom Transfer between Benzoin and Dimethyl Sulfoxide and for Oxidation of PyrogallolMaurya, Mannar Ram; Uprety B.; Avecilla F.
2001Dioxo- and oxovanadium(V) complexes of biomimetic hydrazone ONO donor ligands: Synthesis, characterisation, and reactivityMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khurana S.; Schulzke C.; Rehder D.