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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Investigation of extraordinarily high Cr(VI) removal capacity by a weak-base anion exchange resin: The mechanism of reactive ion exchangeSarkar, Sudipta; Blute N.; Lin J.-C.; SenGupta A.K.
2014Investigation on the long-term storage and fate of arsenic obtained as a treatment residual: A case studyGhosh D.; Sarkar, Sudipta; Sengupta A.K.; Gupta A.
2018Lead removal by a reusable gel cation exchange resin containing nano-scale zero valent ironChanthapon N.; Sarkar, Sudipta; Kidkhunthod P.; Padungthon S.
2019Performance Evaluation and Substrate Removal Kinetics of an Anaerobic Packed-Bed Biofilm ReactorPandey S.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2020Physicochemical Structure Analysis of Chitin Extracted from Pupa Exuviae and Dead Imago of Wild Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens)Purkayastha D.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2012Polymer-supported metals and metal oxide nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and applicationsSarkar, Sudipta; Guibal E.; Quignard F.; SenGupta A.K.
2018Presence of fluoroquinolone resistance with persistent occurrence of gyrA gene mutations in a municipal wastewater treatment plant in IndiaKurasam J.; Sihag P.; Mandal, Prabhat Kumar; Sarkar, Sudipta
2011Reversible ion exchange-membrane (RIX-M) process for fouling free and energy efficient desalination of seawaterSarkar, Sudipta; Smith R.C.; SenGupta A.K.
2015Sequencing Batch Reactor for Wastewater Treatment: Recent AdvancesDutta A.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2018Solid acid catalyst supported synthesis and fuel properties of ethyl decanoateLamba R.; Sarkar, Sudipta; Kumar S.
2019Spatial distribution of major bacterial species and different volatile fatty acids in a two-phase anaerobic biofilm reactor with PVA gel beads as bio-carrierPandey S.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2008Sustainable arsenic removal using hybrid anion exchange resins (ArsenXnp) in remote villages of West Bengal, IndiaSarkar, Sudipta; Blaney L.M.; Ghosh D.; Gupta A.; SenGupta A.K.
2012Sustainable engineered processes to mitigate the global arsenic crisis in drinking water: Challenges and progressSarkar, Sudipta; Greenleaf J.E.; Gupta A.; Uy D.; Sengupta A.K.
2021Sustainable waste management using black soldier fly larva: a reviewPurkayastha D.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2019Synergistic effect of mixed alcohols on esterification of decanoic acid with amberlyst 15 as catalystLamba R.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2020Synthesis optimization of hybrid anion exchanger containing triethylamine functional groups and hydrated Fe(III) oxide nanoparticles for simultaneous nitrate and phosphate removalWiriyathamcharoen S.; Sarkar, Sudipta; Jiemvarangkul P.; Nguyen T.T.; Klysuban W.; Padungthon S.
2017Synthesis, characterization and performance validation of hybrid cation exchanger containing hydrated ferric oxide nanoparticles (HCIX-Fe) for lead removal from battery manufacturing wastewaterChanthapon N.; Praipipat P.; Sarkar, Sudipta; Padungthon S.; Jaroenapibal P.
2010The Donnan membrane principle: Opportunities for sustainable engineered processes and materialsSarkar, Sudipta; Sengupta A.K.; Prakash P.
2003Treatment of chrome plating wastewater (Cr+6) using activated aluminaSarkar, Sudipta; Gupta A.
2007Use of ArsenXnp, a hybrid anion exchanger, for arsenic removal in remote villages in the Indian subcontinentSarkar, Sudipta; Blaney L.M.; Gupta A.; Ghosh D.; Sengupta A.K.