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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An innovative mixotrophic approach of distillery spent wash with sewage wastewater for biodegradation and bioelectricity generation using microbial fuel cellNayak J.K.; Amit; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
2020Bacteria-mediated bio-degradation of reactive azo dyes coupled with bio-energy generation from model wastewaterMishra S.; Nayak J.K.; Maiti, Abhijit
2020Microalgal remediation of anaerobic pretreated pharmaceutical wastewater for sustainable biodiesel production and electricity generationAmit; Nayak J.K.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
2017Phycoremediation potential of marine microalga Tetraselmis indica on secondary treated domestic sewage for nutrient removal and biodiesel productionAmit; Chandra R.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar; Nayak J.K.
2019Post treatment of microalgae treated pharmaceutical wastewater in photosynthetic microbial fuel cell (PMFC) and biodiesel productionNayak J.K.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar