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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analyzing the role of biophysical compositions in minimizing urban land surface temperature and urban heatingSannigrahi S.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Rahmat S.; Uniyal B.; Banerjee S.; Chakraborti S.; Jha S.; Lahiri S.; Santra K.; Bhatt A.
2017Changing dynamics of urban biophysical composition and its impact on urban heat island intensity and thermal characteristics: the case of Hyderabad City, IndiaSannigrahi S.; Rahmat S.; Chakraborti S.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Jha S.
2020Ecosystem service valuation of a natural reserve region for sustainable management of natural resourcesSannigrahi S.; Chakraborti S.; Banerjee A.; Rahmat S.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Jha S.; Singh L.K.; Paul S.K.; Sen S.
2018Estimating global ecosystem service values and its response to land surface dynamics during 1995–2015Sannigrahi S.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Rahmat S.; Paul S.K.; Sen S.
2019Evaluating landscape capacity to provide spatially explicit valued ecosystem services for sustainable coastal resource managementSannigrahi S.; Joshi P.K.; Keesstra S.; Paul S.K.; Sen S.; Roy P.S.; Chakraborti S.; Bhatt, Sandeep
2020Examining the effects of forest fire on terrestrial carbon emission and ecosystem production in India using remote sensing approachesSannigrahi S.; Pilla F.; Basu B.; Basu A.S.; Sarkar K.; Chakraborti S.; Joshi P.K.; Zhang Q.; Wang Y.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Bhatt A.; Jha S.; Keesstra S.; Roy P.S.
2021Examining the effects of green revolution led agricultural expansion on net ecosystem service values in India using multiple valuation approachesSannigrahi S.; Pilla F.; Zhang Q.; Chakraborti S.; Wang Y.; Basu B.; Basu A.S.; Joshi P.K.; Keesstra S.; Roy P.S.; Sutton P.C.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Rahmat S.; Jha S.; Singh L.K.
2019Urban heat island intensity and its mitigation strategies in the fast-growing urban areaJain S.; Sannigrahi S.; Sen S.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Chakraborti S.; Rahmat S.