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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005GDQ method for natural convection in a cubic cavity using velocity-vorticity formulationLo D.C.; Young D.L.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2005GDQ method for natural convection in a square cavity using velocity-vorticity formulationLo D.C.; Young D.L.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2012Geospatially based distributed rainfall-runoff modelling for simulation of internal and outlet responses in a semi-forested lower Himalayan watershedRamsankaran R.; Kothyari U.C.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Malcherek A.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2006Global matrix-free finite-element scheme for natural convection in a square cavity with step blockageMurugesan, Krishnan; Lo D.C.; Young D.L.; Fan C.M.; Chen C.W.
2011Influence of injection timing on performance, combustion and emission characteristics of Jatropha biodiesel engineGanapathy T.; Gakkhar R.P.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2017Magnetic field influence on double-diffusive natural convection in a square cavity‚ÄďA numerical studyReddy N.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2013Multi-response optimization of post-fire residual compressive strength of high performance concreteRahim A.; Sharma U.K.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Sharma A.; Arora P.
2011Near-bed particle motion over transitionally-rough bedRamesh B.; Kothyari U.C.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2010Numerical analysis of interaction between inertial and thermosolutal buoyancy forces on convective heat transfer in a lid-driven cavitySenthil Kumar D.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar
2018Numerical analysis of MHD double diffusive nano-fluid convection in a cavity using FEMReddy P.N.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Koushik V.
2017Numerical Investigations on the Advantage of Nanofluids under DDMC in a Lid-Driven CavityReddy N.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2008Numerical simulation of double diffusive mixed convection in a lid-driven square cavity using velocity-vorticity formulationSenthil Kumar D.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Thomas H.R.
2005Numerical solution of three-dimensional velocity-vorticity Navier-Stokes equations by finite difference methodLo D.C.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Young D.L.
2017Numerical study of double diffusive convection in a lid driven cavity with linearly salted side wallsReddy N.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2016Numerical study of double-diffusive convection in a heated lid-driven cavity with mass diffusive side wallsReddy N.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2014Numerical study of heat and moisture transport through concrete at elevated temperaturesPeter A.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Sharma U.K.; Arora P.
2018Numerical study of vorticity and heat flow in bottom heated DDC systems at nominal Rayleigh numberReddy N.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2021Optimization of energy consumption for indoor climate control using Taguchi technique and utility conceptSah S.K.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Elangovan R.
2020Optimization of geothermal interaction of a double U-tube borehole heat exchanger for space heating and cooling applications using Taguchi method and utility conceptKumar S.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2014Optimization of ground heat exchanger parameters of ground source heat pump system for space heating applicationsSivasakthivel T.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Sahoo, Pradeep K.