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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Illuminating architectural space with fibre opticsMukherjee, Mahua
2020Impact of ganga canal on thermal comfort in the city of Roorkee, IndiaRahul A.; Mukherjee, Mahua; Sood A.
2009Interference effect of boundary wall on wind loadsJohn A.D.; Gairola A.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2018“Optimisation of canyon orientation and aspect ratio in warm-humid climate: Case of Rajarhat Newtown, India”De B.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2017Optimizing street canyon orientation for Rajarhat Newtown, Kolkata, IndiaBhaskar D.E.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2009Scope of building information modeling (BIM) in IndiaKumar J.V.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2013Strategies and Challenges for Energy Efficient Retrofitting: Study of the Empire State BuildingDe B.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2015Sustainability perceptions in a technological institution of higher education in IndiaBantanur S.; Mukherjee, Mahua; Shankar R.
2009The performance of intelligent buildings in IndiaMathew P.; Mukherjee, Mahua; Gupta V.K.
2005The SusTLE - A sustainable approach to enhance the contributions of disaster mitigation in settlement developmentMukherjee, Mahua
2015Thermal comfort design zone delineation for India using GISPawar A.S.; Mukherjee, Mahua; Shankar R.
2018Urban green space as a countermeasure to increasing urban risk and the UGS-3CC resilience frameworkMukherjee, Mahua; Takara K.
2019Urban growth and water supply system in the hill town, dharamshala, IndiaSharma S.; Mukherjee, Mahua; Khare, Deepak; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2013Urban India: Challenges for green infrastructureMukherjee, Mahua
2014Urban physics for tomorrow's Urban DesignDe B.; Mukherjee, Mahua; Rawal R.; Manu S.; Khadpekar N.
2007Vernacular tourist village at Touphema, NagalandMukherjee, Mahua