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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Detection of current induced spin polarization in epitaxial Bi2Te3 thin filmDey R.; Roy A.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Rai A.; Heon Shin S.; Majumder S.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2016Localization and interaction effects of epitaxial Bi2Se3 bulk states in two-dimensional limitDey R.; Roy A.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Guchhait S.; Sonde S.; Rai A.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2021Machine learning for statistical modeling: The case of perpendicular spin-transfer-torque random access memoryRoy U.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Roy S.; Chatterjee A.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2015Magnetization switching of a metallic nanomagnet via current-induced surface spin-polarization of an underlying topological insulatorRoy U.; Dey R.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Ghosh B.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2013Micromagnetic study of spin-transfer-torque switching of a ferromagnetic cross towards multi-state spin-transfer-torque based random access memoryRoy U.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Tsoi M.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2015Proposal of a Multistate Memory Using Voltage Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy of a Cross-Shaped FerromagnetPramanik, Tanmoy; Roy U.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2020Realizing both short- And long-term memory within a single magnetic tunnel junction based synapsePrasad N.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Banerjee S.K.; Register L.F.
2014Strong spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman spin splitting in angle dependent magnetoresistance of Bi2Te3Dey R.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Roy A.; Rai A.; Guchhait S.; Sonde S.; Movva H.C.P.; Colombo L.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2016Write Error Rate of Spin-Transfer-Torque Random Access Memory Including Micromagnetic Effects Using Rare Event EnhancementRoy U.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.
2018Write error rates of in-plane spin-transfer-torque random access memory calculated from rare-event enhanced micromagnetic simulationsPramanik, Tanmoy; Roy U.; Jadaun P.; Register L.F.; Banerjee S.K.